Macau Tourism Analysis

Introduction: Macau is one of an interesting destination of China that has special administrative regions of China. It is located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta and face to the South China Sea to the east and south. Macau is a place where existing two cultures of Euro-Asian cultural heritage attract tourists from all over the world.

Macau is known as a destination where provides entertainments for tourists such as theme parks, nightclubs and shopping experiences, casino.

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In addition, it owns superior MICE facilities to cater for business travel segments. This article will identify the communication objectives of Macau and through it to run the advertising campaign “Macau, city with full of experience” as well as using the different tools of media and promotion to promote to travel leisure and business travel tourists to achieve the objectives such enhance the general sales, create the customer’ awareness and increase more value for Macau image Communication objectives:

According to Belch (2012), setting an objective is an integral part of planning process which will bring the impact on the promotional planning and can measure the effectiveness. The major function of objective is to enhance the general sales, create the customer’s awareness and increase more value of Macau image. The good objectives are including specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (Belch, 2012) (Appendix 1). Communication process: The communication process could be used the symbols and picture to represent the message to deliver to the receivers (Williams, 2010).

Moreover, the communication process is very important to choose a communicator who can be receiver perceived as knowledgeable and related to the destination in tourism marketing (William, 2010). The source of communication for Macau travel destination is the colorful lotus (Appendix 2). It shows that the attractive of Macau such as the harmony between ancient and modern culture, interesting entertainment activities and good service’s quality for business in Macau. The lotus’ symbol will create the positive emotional to customers.

Through the sources of communication, we also can run a campaign is “Macau, city with full of experience” to promote Macau’s image.

Promotional Mix Promotional mix is used to communicate effectively the benefits of the products or services to their customers. It is very important for the marketers to market product through using of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling and public relations. The effective communication to the tourists is vital to ensure the business generates sales and profits. Tivi advertisement:

The use of tivi advertisement will reach the board of audiences through using the story boards for TV commercials. It includes both of segments uch as travel leisure (Appendix 3) and business travel (Appendix 4) Newspaper advertising: Newspaper is a medium have high coverage, low costs and short time to place the advertisement (Barrow, 2005). Reading newspaper is everybody’s habit, they read newspaper everywhere include office, school, train, bus.

The newspaper can be easily distribute in everywhere such as train, plaza, road.

Through newspaper (China daily, GuangZhou daily, Guangdong News for target of Chinese tourism and USA Today, New York Times for global, Krone for [Australia]), we can post a picture of Macau in evening with full of entertainment and activities to attract the people who are seeking for travel leisure. The advertisement will be shown during the summer time, people are looking for travel destination or business meeting will be got the attention when they read this advertising. Otherwise, we also provide information of Macau services such as pictures of facilities, convenience meeting room and hotels.

Magazines advertising: National geographic magazine, business week magazine and the economist magazine are selling magazine in the world with over 2 million people read and best sell magazines in some countries such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA… We can use beautiful Macau’s image to advertise as a poster that links with the main travel official website of Macau or Facebook to let readers can find more information or guide when they choose Macau for their destination (Appendix 5). The advertisements in the business agazines should be issue few more months to get the attention of people seeking for a destination where provide both business and entertainment. Besides that, the advertisement for travel leisure on national geographic magazine should run long time during the summer, vacation such as New Year, Christmas, Winter break-time. Internet: Nowadays, internet is becoming very important for people‘s life and business and it is seen as a friendly tool for people because they can easily search and select the destination’s information and see the advertisements (kliatchki, 2008).

For Macau’s advertising on internet, we can create a website that provides the full information, attractive places, entertainment and business place about Macau such as the mix between Portuguese and Chinese culture, provide the history (Appendix 6) …. Moreover, the website also provides the online service to customers such as reservation and booking date, reserve place for some events.

To be more attractive, we should create a short video about Macau to help the travelers can imagine about Macau and let them to make final purchase decision.

Furthermore, Facebook: it is one of the most websites that people visit and use normally and it is one of the best tools to raise advertisement in the world with low costs. On Facebook, we can create a fan page to advertise for Macau, enhance the customer’s awareness and promote the tourism services such as restaurants, hotels and entertain activities and beautiful place (Appendix 7). Moreover, this fan page will allows the interaction of visitors such as comments about destination, service (MICE) in Macau. Public relation & publicity:

Nowadays, public relation and travel are interactive each others because they play important role in strategic marketing activities and they are integrated with marketing communication.

It is very important to create the visitor’s positive perception and feeling about the destination because the travel destination and tourism industry depends much on it. Hotel, restaurants, attraction, entertainment and business… all need strategic and effective public relation to be successful to tourists (Baskin and Aronoff, 1922). Moreover, PR department creates positive impressions of every sectors of travel and tourism industry.

For instance, Macau ‘s Hotel can invite or attract travel writers through good design of image, well-written news and create e-mail designed to persuade reporters to visit. Moreover, when journalists are in hotel or in Macau, the hotels or entertainments can provide free services with the best service and contain information on detail, by using this tool, the journalist can attract more tourist or business people come and visit Macau. Moreover, according to Cutlip and Broom (1985), the public relation become more valuable and best tool to run during the special events because it can gain the public attention.

It can list of opportunities for the operators and destination to attract people (Baskin and Aronoff, 1922). We can use the special events such as dragon boat festival (June 23 ), world tourism day ( Sep 27), Macau International fireworks display contest ( Sep 8, 15, 22, 29 ;amp; Oct), Macau internaltional music festival (Oct 5- Nov 4), Macau a-Ma cultural ;amp; Tourism festival ( Oct) to spread the Macau travel leisure or Macau international trade and investment fair to advertise for their services about business.

Furthermore, celebrity endorsement is the most effective marketing communication tools in Asia and the tourism official commercial is especially very useful to promote a destination, the using celebrity endorsement and official tourism commercial will together represent for Macau marketing communication tools so that enhance the attraction. We can use Huang Weilin to target the Asia because he would be the most suitable celebrity to promote the Macau image. Moreover, he is one of the top actors in Macau who are successful male in business, travel and living.

The shows should be run during holiday, vacation and events in order to display Macau where satisfy the tourist needs and wants for both travel leisure and business.

Partnership and packaging: According to the research of Grunig and Hunt (1984), the purpose of corporation with other branding partnership will assist tourism companies to gain the advantage of opportunities to contribute more service to tourists and gain more profits as well as increase the competitive advantages. Moreover, co-operation with other brands will improve the service’s qualities, building a strong local partnership.

For instance, we can co-operate with travel agents in some countries such as mainland of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China airline, tourism trade to provide a good package for tourists. During the vacation, we can offer travelling package for both people with normal income or luxury travel (Appendix 8). Besides that, we also offer packages for business segment, such as including transport to meeting room, hotel to stay with best services for MICE facilities, provide best taste meals and some luxury entertainment activities such as golf, VIP casino’s rooms or travel around the city with limousine cars.

Conclusion In conclusion, by using the campaign of “Macau, city with full of experience” and launch the different media and promotion tools would help Macau to achieve its objectives. Moreover, this campaign should be run during the holiday and events in Macau to get the audience’s attention as well as best successful for Macau’s image. References: Baskin, O. , and Aronoff, C. E.

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Retrieved June 28, 2012, from http://www. ehow. com/about_7384773_advantages-word_of_mouth-marketing. html Appendix: Appendix 1: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time of communication objectives. Appendix 2: Logo of Macau with the campaign ” Macau, city with full of experience” Appendix 3: For leisure travel Appendix 4: For business travel Appendix 5: Poster that run on magazines and newspapers Appendix 6: Macau official travel website Appendix 7: Facebook fan page Appendix 8: Package offer to tourists