Writer’s memo In my piece of writing I talk about what gets me mad, and how I would like to see a change and how you can help solve the issue. Also in my piece of writing I want the reader to put themselves in my shoes and relate to what I am trying to say in my writing. Grammatical error and punctuation is a big part of what I am trying to get back, And advice for revising my piece of writing.

I also want the reader to give me advice on if I need to keep it how it is or explain more in depth. Overall I really liked this topic and it made me think and dig deep on what really frustrated me. Madness There are many things that anger me, but one thing that hits home is when people disrespect people who have a low socio- economic status or when people favor other people over another. These types of people I feel are very selfish and only think about themselves. To help change this, we should treat everybody equally. How we can achieve this and make it better, is set goals for ourselves like joining communities that are friendly, try to set by example, have people be more aware of the stuff that happens and overall try to work on stopping it in the action .

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My school shows socio- economic status to the T. Why I say that is because my school has the reputationthat they come from really rich and well off families. For Example when we play basketball or football one of our chant are Were Rich and White We Must Be A Knight and this makes my blood boil because it shows selfishness and leaves a reputation for kids that don’t chant to be apart of that chaos. Socio economic status is a big deal by which it helps us tell a person but when adults, kids, etc use that to favor other people it can be annoying. For me it show disrespect and treas down relationships between people. In the American Psychological Association states that “socio economic means social position in relation to others, based on income, education, and occupation”.

To solve this problem we should set goals and build communities to stop discriminating period, and definitely stop judging other people based on their financial state. Another example in my life was when I was in 5th grade we were taking a field trip to the umc to go blowing and the fee cost 15$ but i couldn’t afford to go so i got a scholarship. Which means i had to use money that wasn’t mine but the schools. Instead of this we should give back and help those who are struggling. These things really get me mad but at the end of the day I believe we as a whole can work on building a relationship and respecting one another.

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