Makeup v.s Natural Narrative Essay

Every girl has used make-up some point in their life time. no doubt its fun and makes us feel like a million bucks. Did u ever think that make-up could be more damaging than helpful.

Going natural is way better for many reasons such as you wont have to waste so much time getting ready or clean up all the mess it leaves behind just to name a few. Initially, If you take a look at any ones make up case you will find that most of their money went to cosmetics and beauty supplies. Most of what people fail to realize that,you don’t need it, you will save lots of money and use it for something better. Face it no make up no mess nothing can get better than that. In addition,once you leave all that chemical and grease behind you will notice that less pimples and black heads pop up.

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That’s because your not putting all that gunk on your face. The only thing your face needs is to be washed and for your pores to breathe. How can that happen if your covering up your face. When you start to go natural you will see a cleaner healthier face and it will give you an over all better appearance. last but not least, god made you for who you are not to cover up your natural beauty, so embrace your self, once you have seen and accepted your self naturally other people will and start to see the beautiful creation you are. Plus with no make up to put on you get an extra 10 minutes of sleep.

Its like killing 2 birds with one stone. To sum it all up, Going natural is just an over all better idea. I’m not saying to never use it ever again. But going natural is just a better healthier way to go. I rather have a blemish free face rather than try to cover them up. so go ahead and get to work on time and save those extra dollars.

it will be the best switch you ever made.