Malala is an Inspiration

The author of The Day my World Changed, Malala Yousafzani, is a young girl who lived in Pakistan.

She strongly believed that women should be given an education, especially in her home country of Pakistan.The Taliban is a Muslim fundamentalist movement that took control over much of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They did not believe that women should be given an education. Women are seen as mothers. There are not many job opportunities for the mothers in a household.

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Women are supposed to have a lot of babies in a large family, cook, and clean. Girls also have a hard time receiving an education because they may be from a poor family who cannot afford it, they may live too far from the nearest school, or they are afraid of being abducted on their way to school. Schools also lack proper learning materials such as textbooks, and classrooms are small and overcrowded. One day, on the bus that takes Malala to school, she was shot. She was shot at three times by a Taliban gunman because she was known for wanting an education.

Her father even founded the school she attended. Malala was taken to a hospital in England, where she continues to live. This near death experience motivated her to do something special. She wrote the book The Day my World Changed. Throughout the book, she shares her experience with the struggle of receiving an education.

She also discusses the importance of an education for everybody. As an activist, Malala continues her education and doesn’t stop learning new and different things. She also has written many speeches that she shares so people will better understand the cause she is fighting for.She serves as an inspiration to people all around the world who have read her book or heard about her story. Readers will be globally aware of the issue, realize how fortunate they are to have an education, and will want to help the girls striving for an education in less developed countries.

Malala dreams of becoming a politician because she knows that the government in her country is wrong. With a better education, girls can make the most out of their future by fulfilling their dreams of being whatever they desire.