Malfunction Junction

The point being is fate, and all that needs to be learned by any organization is fate and how to organize their lives in accordance with it. In this world, argumentation and logic doesn’t exist because no alternatives exist. Changes need to be made so traditional thinking officers can openly see that the nation Is changing and deferent thinking techniques need to be applied. In handling traditional thinking officers concerns, this author will instill a must for tarot officers to get the training they need to encourages and formulate initiatives and the discretionary ability that is portrayed as an exciting removable of traditional thinking.

Traditional thinking officers need to develop a way to prepare In advance, skills thorough the means of training. Sooner or later, the officers in question will have the ability to help training officers in the training of others. One major concern in organizations is the way that detectives and patrol officers handle investigative functions with their traditional thinking ways. This is because only a small percentage of detectives solved crimes only because of information obtained by patrol officers.

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When dealing with community oriented policing and problem solving, different employees need to have different specialized skills in order to completely address issues within the community. If each employee possesses the same skills, problem solving would become an uphill battle.

FUNCTIONAL DIFFERENTIATION is “the degree to which the organization divides its work into specialized functions” Crank (2010). Even though every organization has different divisions for different functions, this author believes it would be more inefficient if those divisions were divided into even smaller subunits to design more functionally differentiated divisions.

FORMALIZATION is “the extent to which an organization relies on formal written policies and procedures rather than informal guidelines such as tradition or friendship” Crank (2010). This author would reorganize the agency by eliminating tradition and implementing non friendship policies to better accommodate community oriented policing and problem solving. CENTRALIZATION Is “the extent to which decisions within an organization are encountered at the top of the hierarchy” Crank (2010).

This author believes that all decisions should be represented on the same level instead of being represented as above or below other decisions from organizational employees.

Every decision made by an employee should be respected. This author anticipates that all officers who participate in community oriented policing and problem solving within a community should have their workload educed in house to free more time for policing and problem solving for that particular community.

This author believes that in order to evaluate the progress of the community policing initiative, a progress report will be done and turned in every quarter by supervisors of employees patrolling communities. This will allow the author to see problems in the community policing initiative that can be fixed by centralization.