Mandated Classes

Everyone in school has a class they don’t like. I’m here to ask a question. Why is this? Why do we even have to dread going to class? Why do we think its just okay? And more importantly, why has nothing changed? We all generally like or are neutral with what classes we have. But everyone has that one period that we hate going to.

For the most part, the block tends to be one we don’t get to pick ourselves. A good example would be math classes. I’ve always passed with high grades, but I am confident that there are students who are sure they will go into a field outside of high school involving geometry or algebra, but I know in my personal situation, I won’t be doing something that includes the use of that math that often or even at all. I’ve even talked to teachers in my own school who don’t use algebra, even everyday. So why is it that a teenager that will go to art school, has to do multiple years of science, if they wont use it? I understand there is an interest and importance in the fields of math and science, in fact I applaud them for doing that, and I get that there’s a challenge that can be beneficial to young adults, but I don’t understand why we basically are forced to take them to get into college. I’m not saying that math is dumb or biochemistry is useless because they aren’t, they have their place, but not in a lot of students.

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I don’t have a problem with having a class like that one time; teens definitely should try or experience it at least one year to see if they’d be interested or intrigued by that field. But for most students, it would be pretty obvious by the end if they like it or not.So we should be hears when we say we aren’t interested anymore. Again, I’m not trying to remove programs here, just trying to make a point on why the school system shouldn’t mandate classes to students who don’t want them.