Company: PH EnergyCustomer: MapInfoSubmitted by: YOYOAnalysts and commercial negotiators in the complex European gas market now have the perfect planning and analysis tool for calculating tariff and assessing routes, with a new Gas Infrastructure Model developed by PH Energy on MapInfo data visualisation and mapping technology.


Assessing routes and calculating pipeline tariffs in the European GAS market has traditionally been an extremely complex task, requiring the collation of data from many different sources.EGIM, standing for the European Gas Infrastructure Model, is fast changing this.Utilising MapInfo technology, and jointly developed by PH Energy, EGIM provides a powerful desktop tool for gas commercial negotiators, economic planners and anyone with an interest in the European gas market.

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A Map-based Solution

Based on MapInfo Professional and with development support from MapInfo’s Professional Services Group, the solution meets the needs of the European gas market for route planning and analysis of the gas market infrastructure throughout Europe, North Africa and the former USSR.Typical users are key professionals involved in the European gas market, including planners and negotiators. Anyone with an interest in gas movements and the new regulations created by the European Gas Directive has a use for this multi-purpose solution.

Application Requirement

The EGIM product is a tool for viewing the location of all the main European gas networks, which can be used by all for planning and calculating pipeline tariffs.The system also provides access to an extensive commercial database, allowing for price comparisons on gas and oil, viewing of power stations and also addresses of the main organisations in the industry.

A Digital Map Interface

The solution employs a digital map interface to provide a panoramic view of the European gas infrastructure with its associated data.The map provides an intuitive method for looking at the industry and its associated infrastructure. A route calculator and currency converter allows the user, for example, to more easily calculate the fastest or most cost effective method of transporting oil and gas.In addition pipeline capacity can be estimated, and local storage sites easily identified, using the high quality digital maps and mapping tools provided by MapInfo. All necessary factors can be incorporated including Power Stations and their generating capacities, to provide a truly comprehensive and intuitive analytical tool.Border prices, UK spot prices, industrial commercial and domestic end user gas prices, calculated with or without tax, are all available to the user.

A gas flow model is also included and a full run down of energy demand by country, all of which is visualised in an easy to see spatial layout provided by MapInfo.Key economic and commercial data on the top 30 gas companies throughout Europe is also provided enabling users to cross-reference and check the locations of these companies’ headquarters.


Before the development of EGIM, tracking and assessing pipeline routes and costs across Europe was a very complex process. Data from dozens of sources needed to be collated, before accurate routes and costs could be derived and implemented.Using the MapInfo spatial data analysis tools, EGIM offers combined cost and route data, for simplification of the planning process.It brings together all necessary cross-country data, in one central solution that presents everything that is needed by the gas industry in the same, easy to use format.

“By offering EGIM users a simple and clear way of viewing the gas infrastructure in Europe, MapInfo’s mapping tools add enormous value to the planning and analysis process,” explains Patrick Heren, managing director of PH Energy. “Now users can actually visualize the routes the gas will have to travel and prepare for any cross-border requirements, such as regulatory issues, well in advance.”