Marijuana and Seizures

As a state we have been constantly changing, and one of these new changes is the new medical marijuana bill. “Kentucky legislators had been dragging their feet for years on medical marijuana, but that is finally starting to change.

Members of the House Health and Welfare Committee made history February 27, 2014 when they voted 9-5 to approve an effective medical marijuana bill, HB 350.” According to (Kentucky House advances medical marijuana legislation 1). There should be minimal worries about this new step in medicine. The THC/CNB (Marijuanas natural cannabinoid compounds) will be consumed in an oil base form and will not give the consumer the “high” people seem to be worried about. Basically medical professionals have found a way to extract its medical benefits without the narcotic effects making it a very power tool in the world of medicine.

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Although it will only be used for small children with seizures, this has been a major milestone in medicine and for the state of Kentucky and I am sure that as time goes on we will find even more ways to use this medicine to our advantage.