Market Analysis Coca-Cola

Considering the importance of the marketing management for the organization, this paper aims to evaluate and analyse the marketing structure and marketing behaviour of the Coca Cola Company using marketing principles. To make the paper comprehensive, different marketing tools have been used such as to present the key inputs of the marketing plan of the company, market segmentation model has been used and to incorporate the holistic marketing concepts, competitor, company and customer analysis have been performed.

Other than that, in order to conduct the micro and macro environmental analysis, SWOT and PEST analysis has been done. The SWOT analysis aims to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats present for the organization while PESTEL analysis shows the external environmental factors such as political, economic, social, and technology. Additionally, marketing mix has been used in the paper for evaluating the marketing planning and operations of the Coca Cola Company. 2. Task 1 2.

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1Key Inputs of Marketing Plan

According to McDonald (2007), marketing plan refers to the broad analysis of the business market in which an organization is participating, together with encompassing the strategies that should be implemented, accompanied by the tactics required in the implementation of the organization’s objectives. For the development of an effective and efficient marketing plan, following key inputs are examined by the company. 2. 1. 1Marketing Objectives The main input of the marketing plan is the marketing objective of a company.