Online marketing case studies

During parsing, forecasting, exteriorizing and controlling the effectiveness of business activities, a variety of data is required about the surrounding business encirclement and the company’s internal encirclement. The timely, useful and complete data allows the enterprise to cope with the following tasks.

It allows reducing financial risk and danger to the image of the enterprise; getting competitive advantages; monitoring the business encirclement; coordinating the strategy; evaluating the effectiveness of the activity; reinforcing the intuition of managers. Marketing case study is conducted with this goal.Influencer marketing case studies are understood as systematic collection, display, and parsing of data on various aspects of business activities. Case study marketing can be understood as a function of an enterprise. Through the data, it connects the enterprise with the markets, consumers, competitors, with all elements of the external encirclement of business.Online marketing case studies implement the next functions.

They are determining the problem, studying and describing the object, process or situation, finding patterns and giving predictions.Depending on the nature of the objectives of business scrutiny, three relevant study areas can be underlined. The first one is an exploratory scrutiny. It is aimed at gathering data necessary for the best identification of problems and proposed assumptions. The second one is a describing study.

It is aimed at describing problems, situations, objects, and processes. The last one is a casual study, and it is conducted to test hypotheses concerning cause-effect relationships.Also, the directions of business scrutiny can be classified by the object of scrutiny, for example, rialto scrutiny, individual elements of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution), consumer behavior and competitors’ activities.Business scrutiny can be divided by the type of the data received and analyzed. There are qualitative and quantitative studies. They can also be divided in the study based on the secondary and primary data.

The general scheme of business scrutiny includes the following stages: determination of the problem, goals, and mediums of study; development of a scrutiny plan; collection and parsing of data; interpretation of the results obtained and bringing them to the management.Business to business marketing case studies implies the study of the rialto. It helps to create a data and analytical base for making business decisions and thereby reduce the level of uncertainty associated with them. The result of rialto scrutiny in business is understanding of competitors’ activities, rialto structure, government decisions in the field of regulation and stimulation of the rialto, economic trends, scrutiny of technical achievements and many other factors that make up the business encirclement, which allows to be closer to the consumer, feel his needs and mood.

There are the following tasks of the rialto scrutiny:

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