Marketing Communication Strategies for Kudler Fine Foods

Marketing Communication Strategies While Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) will offer similar products both domestically and internationally, the marketing communication strategies will be both similar and different amongst its regional interests.

By understanding the comparing and contrasting of the KFF market strategies in the United States, as well as overseas, effective marketing communication can be determined and utilized. Comparison Considering the company’s expansion to both Canada and England, one obvious similarity, is that there will be no language barrier.

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Although phrases and slang may differ, for the most part, the labeling and promoting will be understandable by all countries. Language barriers can often be a struggle for international businesses, but in this case, interpreting market trends and consumer wants will be easier to help design effective marketing strategies. Likewise, KFF will meet competition in both domestic and international markets, which affects how communication strategies will change based on market needs.

Competition will determine whether or not KFF will maintain its superiority in the domestic market and its success in the new international markets, (“Difference Between Domestic And International Marketing”, 2013). Contrast Similarly, the types of competitors and how to combat each situation will differ with the domestic and international marketing communication. For starters, KFF already has a foothold in the domestic market, whereas they are just entering a new market internationally. In this case, internationally market communication is more complex and requires more financial resources, time, effort, and contains higher risk.

Differently, the audience will change between domestic and internationally consumers.

Understanding the cultural differences and market demands are the highest priority. In this way, how a product is marketed will change amongst the regional locations. Also the laws that govern each country may affect what can be marketed and how. It is essential to understanding all business laws that pertain to KFF during the planning phase. Last, another noticeable difference is the budget amount for marketing in domestic and international strategies.

The budget is smaller for the domestic marketing, because KFF already has a reputation built and already has the necessary marketing in place.

However, internationally, the marketing requires building. In this way, the budget for marketing strategies will be higher, (“Difference Between Domestic And International Marketing”, 2013). Reference: Difference Between Domestic and International Marketing. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.

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