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“Why Is asking For Help So Difficult? “, by Lain Tugged. The author discusses the reasons why people are so reluctant to ask for a helping hand. The author gives her own opinion as well as personal experience regarding the topic. I agree that asking for help can at times be difficult. Of course nobody wants to admit when they are wrong and it is a big part of why it’s even harder to simply ask for assistance.

The author also speaks on those who have no problem at all or way too comfortable asking for help. It’s true, some people are so content with having others carry them along that they can forget how it feel s to do things on their own. Too much of anything is bad for you so knowing when and how to ask is the authors main point. Asking for help is something that most people hate to but is that a bad thing? Getting things done on your own can give you a great feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes asking for help at the wrong time can put you in a uncomfortable situation.

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The author makes great points that “a closed mouth is impossible to feed”.

Everyone is not so willing to lend a helping hand and the fear of rejection or embarrassment is can be in one’s mind. “There is a tendency to act as if it’s a deficiency, Tugged & Seizer, (2007), the author claims as if is people refusing to ask for help is like a phobia. On the other hand some people have no issue at all accepting assistance, some strive on It. Those who are not so quick to Jump to the rescue probably have experienced these Individuals most of the time. For some It’s easy to throw a pity party knowing that omen will eventually cave.

Depending on assistance will make you do Just that.

The author goes on to explain that asking for help can at times be detrimental. Pride can be a terrible thing In the midst of crawls. Even In the work environment, some employees don’t ask for help In fear that they may be shunned or look at as Incapable, this Is always a mistake. Sometimes walling to ask can make a small problem grow into a large Issue. Tugged gives pointers on how to make asking for specific about your needs.

Asking for help and being willing to give it in return is the main idea in the article, also knowing how and when to ask.

I myself find it hard to ask for help at times and have encountered those who like to receive, but have no intention on returning the favor. After reading the article, I took that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. I know there there is a way to go about it and that also everyone isn’t so giving. I have always been the type to do things on my own, but I know now that sometimes a little critic can only help.

When we experience rejection it can sometimes make it hard to build up the future, but every person is not the same.