Marketing Strategy of Medical Disposable Devices

One of free India’s earliest, most critical revolutions took place in 1952 in the field of healthcare. At a time when most patients were vulnerable and many succumbed to infection caused by re-usable medical devices, Romsons stepped forward with a pioneering breakthrough – the concept of disposable medical and surgical devices. Today, over half a century later, the culture of disposable medical devices is well established; and Romsons has entrenched itself as the pre-eminent brand in the business -a pioneer and a leader. An INR 1. 50 billion, professionally managed enterprise.

A global player with a presence in 65 countries.

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A product portfolio that’s 100 products strong. A retail footprint across geographies – with a 810 plus distributor network in India and abroad. Most significantly, the name Romsons continues to inspire trust – for unsurpassed quality, innovation and safety of its products. Romsons Group of Companies Romsons Scientific and Surgical Industries Pvt Ltd. Romsons International-100% Export Oriented Unit Romsons Juniors India Romsons Medicons Raj Vijay Corporation Objective The company is a medical disposable device company that sells medical disposables at lower prices than other companies.

It is able to sell at reduced prices due to its large number of distributers and the commitment between them. The company has quick order delivery services. The main objective of this project is to make the people aware of marketing strategies of medical disposable devices. As these products are not regularly consumable nor they are luxurious goods, there marketing strategy is different from that of other normal goods. discipline of this standard is evident in the physical ambience of their plant, the air and water quality, manufacturing technology, packaging and the sterilization rocess.

Ambience: Special micro and HEPA filters at all air handling units ensure minimal contamination in all manufacturing areas.

Microorganism and particle concentration levels are carefully monitored by the micro-biological labs to keep these levels within safe limits. Employees undergo periodic medical checkup to maintain high standards of health and hygiene. All clean rooms are provided with a three step change room and air showers at the entrance to ensure a dust-free environment. Manufacturing plant: They have taken great care to source up-to-the-minute, frontline technology.

The result? They are able to process moulding and extrusion of components and tubings with precision and within close tolerance. The superior assembly and packaging machines ensure repeatability and consistency in product quality.

Packaging and Sterilization: Their products are packed on most modern packaging machines suitable for working in clean room conditions, to ensure minimal risk of contamination or damage during transportation. They use Ethylene Oxide to sterilize the products, as per ISO 11135/ EN 550 standards.

The entire process is automated and computerized. Each batch is ell documented for the sterilization cycle and released for dispatch after written approval of a senior Quality Assurance official. Towards zero-defect quality They are a Total Quality Corporation, whose overarching goal is to manufacture zero- defect products.

That’s why, they have meticulously planned and built a series of multiple online and manual quality control measures into each stage of raw material procurement, manufacturing and packing cycle.

Their Quality Control standards conform to ISO 9001 :2008, ISO 13485:2003 and the European Medical Device Directive 93/43/EEC certifications. As a result, They have been authorized to N label our products with the prestigious CE mark. Empowering people to excel They provide a professionally nurturant work environment that empowers employees to be self motivated, think out of the box, value excellence and bond with each other as a committed team player. All across their corporation, their teams function with the flexibility, speed and decisiveness of people in any global corporation.