Martin Luther King, Jr's Path to Success

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”.

We’ve all seen and known of successful leaders in our country and have learned a few about them.Captivating people’s attention, Martin Luther King, Jr. was important to most because he affected the society.As MLK went on his journey to achieve his aspiration he earned many accomplishments.While others might state that Dr.

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King was not a significant leader, he is an astonishing civil rights leader and a big impact on our world due to the fact that he fought for his rights, organized protests, and additionally he stopped discrimination. Child Years and Early Years Leading the society, Martin Luther King, Jr. was high-ranking to our globe building off of his actions. Fighting for his rights was one of the actions he committed. Martin Luther King, Jr.

born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia was the middle child of the happily wedded couple, Michael King Sr. and Alberta Williams King.Growing up, MLK was in a loving and caring environment. Later as he started to see what was going on outside in the society he realized that people were being discriminated based on the color of skin they had, and he found that very harsh and highly had no heart in that topic (“Martin Luther King, Jr.”).MLK Jr was a very caring person knowing that the activisthad strong and judgemental thoughts and feelings as of the racism and inequality that was taken in place.

The civil rights leader, assassinated in Memphis, accomplished being our influencer up until 1968. Becoming a Baptist Minister and activist, Dr. King gave strong and motivational speeches to influence others that each and everyone of us should have same equal rights, economic rights and freedom (“Martin Luther King, Jr.”).In conclusion, as a Baptist Minister and his feelings towards the outside of this country, were all the first step of Dr. King’s life of fighting for equality.

MLK Jr organized nonviolent protests to continue and make his voice be heard in his thoughts of discrimination.Moreover some people tried to make these protests violent in some ways, but the protesters and himself resisted the violence and marched on with their safe protests.First, one of the events that Martin Luther King Jr organized was the Montgomery Bus Boycott.To let African Americans sit in the front of the bus he organized the Montgomery Boycott.MLK, wanting full rights, led the protest up until the bus system rearranged their rules.

Succeeding as always, they gained what they were seeking for.The protesters and Dr. King himself were sent to jail for the march he constructed.This march and/or protest lasted 3 weeks which shows me how significant MLK is because he wouldn’t stop the protest until there was no rules based on race (“What Did Martin Luther King, Jr. Do to Progress the Civil Rights Movement?”).

Continuing on, another thing built by Martin Luther King Jr was the “I Have A Dream” speech.Tired of racism, he made the speech help others comprehend that the nation should be non racist. Himself mentioning, “The life ofthe Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.” made the crowd receive a clue from it that racism should not be committed.Furthermore, as he continued with his speech it went viral and people all over the world was aware of the bad that was happening.

“I Have A Dream” was a very important part of MLK’s civil activist years and led to many more marches. In conclusion, it affected the nation positively by our country having a little more freedom than usual (“How Did Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech Change The World”). “I Have A Dream”, touching others hearts, made the listeners cry when hearing it and was aware of all of MLK’s emotional very wholehearted thoughts on what he was for and against.Just the most little things can become into something huge. When Martin Luther King, Jr.

began the “I have a dream” speech and the boycott it was a very small crowd until others started to see the reasons he was doing it for and then they all became part of it knowing that the opposing side was very inaccurate on what they were doing to other races. Ending discrimination was the most important reason.Influencers and inspirationals were people supporting him and giving ideas throughout his experience. Henry David Thoreau was one of Martin Luther King, Jr’s. influencers.

Henry David Thoreau inspired Dr. King because he wrote a civil disobedience essay that got to MLK as well as heused that essay or quotes to continue on with his protest and make them stronger due to the writing inspiring him into becoming an even more successful leader.Dr. King wrote the following quote in his autobiography,”No other person has been more eloquent and passionate in getting this idea across than Henry David Thoreau,” because Henry was an important person to him and MLK Jr is also stating that Henry was also a very great leader that he adores by saying this in his bio (“10 people who inspired Martin Luther King, Jr.”). The influencers MLK had to look off of and get help and be motivated to end discrimination in different ways were all based off their work and essays.

To motivate Dr. King, Gandhi had remarkable work.Looking over his writing, he remembered the lines and continued to use them in his life span Of course it influenced MLK in the path he was going in because they both wanted the same change in the world. Gandhi was one of the top inspirations to MLK and had miraculous work. In conclusion, most of the people who influenced Martin Luther King Jr inspired him by their writing or quotes (“10 people who inspired Martin Luther King, Jr.”).

Leo Tolstoy, affecting The King, made him want to make a source due to it teaching about how you can still protest but with peace and without any violence (“10 people who inspired Martin Luther King, Jr.”).Therefore, the leaders or human beings that influenced MLK was simply by the words they put on paper. Martin Luther King Jr was an very successful leader and civil rights activist due to his different paths into gaining what he was looking for. The actions and changes he established were so huge and big in public because everyone was equal and the world was changed forever in a positive and very helpful way. People nowadays look up to Dr.

King and he is also celebrated because of his work in the world.