McDonald’s Corporation has always had a long commitment to increasing revenues and steady growths which it managed to sustain. McDonald’s is still world’s best fast food chain restaurant which manages to provide quality, service, cleanliness and values at the lowest possible price consistent with a fair return on investment for the shareholders, sustainability and growth in the Industry, Job enhancement / security for the employees and a level of community Involvement by everyone connected with the business.

McDonald’s strive to make every customer In every restaurant smile (David, 2011). Competitive profile matrix Competitive Profile Matrix McDonald’s Burger King Yum! Critical Competitive Variables Ratings Score Quality of Food 0. 15 3 0.

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45 2 0. 3 Capital 4 0. 6 Safety 0. 12 0. 36 Company, Brand Name and Reputation 0.

32 0. 24 Value Based Pricing Innovation & Process Technologies 0. 2 Global Expansion 0. 4 Market Share Promotions 0. 08 TOTAL 3.

51 2. 81 2. 75 McDonald’s Competitive Profile Matrix sore is well above the 2. 5 mark which indicated that the company is doing well and responding great to the critical factors.

McDonald’s have made changes regarding environment and became more socially friendly company.

It has been recognized for its efforts in inclusive excellence with respect to employing and creating opportunities for minorities (David, 2011, p. 33). If McDonald’s focuses on these critical factors it will continue to be one of the best fast food chain restaurant with good standing in the industry. McDonald’s has the reputation for innovation amongst the other competitors with strong marketing.