Media Influence

Communication takes various forms in the society. For instance we have the communications through wireless means such as the telephones, mobile phones among others. We can also have letters, memos among others which commonly used in organizations in the modern society. Communication is very vital in schools, seminars and also at work places. Even though media is not the only source of communication, it covers a lot as it can be used from one geographical area to another just for the purpose of passing information.

It is through media that we are able to learn what happens within our surroundings. One of the commonly used types of media is the television. Through it we listen to everyday’s news bulleting and this keeps us informed. Other used types of media are such as the radio, newspapers and also through the internet. Media writers have a very strong influence to the society and this is evident with what they either print or report. Even though not all writers are bad, a portion of them are bad as they are responsible for causing negative effects in either a country or even at their work places.

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Such reporters exaggerate they news they convey to the public and once the information flows, it causes confusion contrary to what was expected. For instance in a case where there are elections going on, the reporters are obviously there trying to collect statistics of what is happening and also the outcomes. Some of them get paid just to give wrong information in the tallying processes and this ends up in chaos. The reason being that the people were not expecting such results. Such reporters should be arrested and dealt with in the proper manner as they are believed to be the cause of these chaos. In generally, media writers are seen to be a negative influence in the society as they have been the cause of every evil activity most so in the nation.

However, they do not do this out of their own will but they get easily influenced by those people in senior authorities and end up getting paid for this. Thus it can be seen that it is the greed of money that makes some of the writers to act strangely.