Free Essay on Media Studies

Genre is a French word meaning portrayal of scenes from ordinary life a category of work used in media, for example some different film genres are comedy action and sci-fi. Other movie genres have ‘conventions’ which are used as building blocks to make genres meaning that different genres have different conventionsFilm Genres include:Horror five horror films are Childs play, the Texas chainsaw massacre, the ring, the puppet master and nightmare on Elm Street these and other horror movie conventions include blood, killing, sudden jumps, ghosts spirits etc. Weapons scary music settings, thunder and lightning revenge and the evil source always comes back.Comedy five comedy films include daddy day-care, soul plane, blue streak, barbershop and barbershop 2.

The comedy movie conventions include Laughter ,silly behaviour, accidents, misfortune, things go wrong, stupid characters, disgusting scenes, funny appearance, costumes, funny voices, dialect and embarrassment.Action Five action movies are Chronicles of Riddick, alien vs. predator, the matrix, the matrix reloaded and the matrix revolutions. The action conventions include weapons, killing, explosives, soldiers, warriors, agents, goodie and a baddie.Sci-fi five sci-fi films are men in black one and men in black two, war games, the Truman show and E.

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T the extra terrestrial. The sci-fi conventions are computers, technology gone wrong, robotsRomance five romance films are titanic, Wimbledon, Romeo and Juliet, the wedding planner and pretty woman. The romance conventions include love affairs, marriage, divorce, and royalty.Television genres include:News five news programs are news at 10 and sky news midnight news,ITV morning news, BBC news .news conventions include presenters smartly dressed, on 5 to 6 times a day. Reporters, headline, war, sport and weather, at the end standard English, graphics and outside broadcasts (OB) backward music (bed of music) experts opinion.

Soaps five television soaps are Eastenders, Coronation Street. Emmerdale, neighbours and home and away. The soap conventions include normal people, relationships, drama, arguments, gossips and affairs.Music television five music programs are the rise and rise, the autobiographies, pimp my ride, cribs and the charts. The music television conventions include music videos music awards film awards and autobiographies.

Sports five sports programs are match of the day, fixtures, league matches, and a day in the life of and NBA news today. Sports conventions include football, basketball, cricket, rugby, matchesDiscovery five discovery programs are ancient ruins wildlife autobiographies world wars and walking with dinosaurs the discovery conventions include documentaries, biographies and historyPopIt sounds happy and up beat. It sounds cheerful and cheesy they are singing about romance and love. They sing about being equal and the world being a happy place. They are dressed in good clothes and they have over rehearsed dance moves.

Hip HopIt sounds loud with a lot of bass .the lyrics are about life sometimes being gangster but there are still some positive lyrics. When people dance to hip hop it is called break danceBashmentIt sounds loud and cheerful. The lyrics are mostly about relations and women. When people dance to Bashment it is usually in pairs when dancing to Bashment it is called whining.

UrbanIt sounds fast and hyper. The lyrics can range to anything when people dance to urban music the dance moves are extremely basic or you can get the odd break dancing when clashes break out.TechnoTechno sounds computerised and fast. The sound normally has a highPitched sound. The techno scene isn’t really a lot of singing or vocals it is usually just the beats when people dance to techno they put a lot of energy into it.