Medical Sales Plan

Plan Objective I do not want to merely succeed at this position…I do not want to just get by. I am driven to exceed every expectation: Mine, yours, Hologic’s and everyone else who places their trust in me: Everyday will be an execution of that drive. In the first month, my primary focus will be to start networking, profiling, and booking appointments with surgeons and physicians. I will also introduce myself to all surgeons and hospitals that have previously used Myosure, Novasure, and Adiana: begin contacting the ‘low hanging fruit’ who are not using Hologic products.

Every day, I will wake up and take ownership of my day by leaving the house no later than 6am and return, no matter how late, when all goals, objectives have been accomplished! * Attend and complete Hologic training/orientation on sales strategy, processes, and products (if applicable).

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* Introduce myself up to 7 potential customers within territory every day. * Create Surgeon Profiles for target surgeons, and continue to profile territory. * Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the Novasure, Myosure, and Adiana products/ procedures.

Also, master how to use the equipment and demonstrate effectively (and Sell! ) to surgeons. * Build High Gain Questions and value statements for the products, and begin role playing different ‘unplanned run-ins” that may come up with each current and potential surgeon. * Pass out 20 Business Cards a day to key players at hospital (materials management, sterile processing, OR coordinators, key scrub techs, etc.