Mental Well-Being and Mental Health

Introduction Over time, the government and health institutions have commenced plans that seek to revolutionize the state of mental health and wellbeing of the affected populace. Mental health has been awarded similar importance as that awarded to physical health thus demonstrating the commitment towards assisting the affected. Strategies towards the alleviation of mental healthiness problems and endorsement of mental wellbeing have been outlined with the focus on the timely intervention and prevention. The strategy to assist the mentally-ill recover while reducing stigma at the individual level demonstrates the public health and government’s roles in the alleviation of the mental health problems. The strategy involves thehealth organizations, the government and mentally-ill individuals in the bid treat patients through evidence-based psychological therapies.

However, the strategy requires huge funds although the government is dedicated to adding ?400 million to the existing funds.The strategy that has been presented seeks to expand services such that 3.2 million of mental patients will receive personalized support through the provision of various categories of therapies among them being depression counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapies. The strategic treatment and maintenance of mental wellbeing is supposed to be accessible to everyone. The strategy will extend the provision of the psychological therapies to the young, old and individuals experiencing long-term physiccal healthiness problems, those with severe cases of mental illness, as well as individuals with medically unexplained conditions.

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The strategy been instituted towards mental illness seems feasible and will considerably assist in the alleviation of mental cases with some attaining full recovery while others managing the illness. However, the practicality of the personalized service is negotiable due to the number of health officials, the distances from a single patient to the next and the stigma that most mentally-ill individuals experience. Overly, the strategy seems feasible with proper coordination and the additional funding. The strategy applies directly to the nursing career in which nurses are required in the accomplishment of the strategy’s targets by 2014 and the future.