It is possible to explain the necessity of microbes taking honoria as an example. The process of metabolizing to Co2 takes place every time we eat food. Water is needed to provide energy.

There are microbes in every king of food and beverage. Wine and sourdough are in this list as well. We need microbes for winemaking and baking. Pickling is also available in modern food preparation because of the microbes. The phenomena of anaerobic conversion as well as fermentation acts in the course of preparing.

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A special emphasis on fermentation should be mentioned in this context, as it is the best way to help our organisms survive and develop as NAD from the NADH. The best enzyme-helper has the abbreviation “NAD” (it also participates in cell building and the general surviving of the body cells). The NADH prevails in the process of fermentation from pyruvate. Here we can observe the regeneration of NADH into NAD and the conversion of pyruvate to Co2 plus ethanol. To sum it up, we need fermentation, yeast and germinated seeds for making beer. Ethanol and Co2 is the result of fermentation.

This result requires yeast. After that, we are to add glucose in order to have an appropriate product. Uncle Mei, a famous beer-maker explains the procedure of getting proper beer with excitement. He advices including seed germination to the process of making beer. After adding yeast to the whole consistence it requires sugar which can be presented as glucose or fructose.

The germinated seeds include protein and some amount of starch. The seeds germination is converting starch in sugar (glucose). At first the seeds start absorbing water and as a result they release the hormone by the embryo. After that the hormone participates in the reaction with the amylase by aleurone. The conversion of endosperm starch into glucose takes place with the help of amylase. Yeast cannot use starch and that is why the seed germination is very important in this chemical process.

While beer does not contain glucose we make a conclusion that yeast won’t be presented in the beer. Ethanol is not available for any reactions with yeast and taking it into accounts the product will contain Co2 and some parts of ethanol from the process of fermentation. There is another Uncle Mei’s explanation connected with the wine producing which needs yeast as well. The main difference is that winemaking excludes oxygen out of the fermentation of wine. The metabolism without oxygen is impossible for yeast cells as they cannot carry it out. And as result yeast remains with glycolysis.

Some important evolutionary facts benefit the containing of microbes in grapes. The food tastes splendid for the animals. Protein very often has not any flavor. There is a natural tendency that fruits do not take much energy of a plant. The fruits are storing starch in the process of growing, they have sugar which means that they are yeast food. Winemaking requires less time and affords than beer does.

Grapes containing food is an beneficial thing. Aunt Jolene takes into accounts the principles of nutritional value of the food. Concerning this she considers about such fruit as apricot which is her most favorite one. Apricots are the flowering plants and their seeds cover from the ovary of the flowers. The main function of fruits is the spreading out of the seeds in order to continue the generation. The seeds are left after a consumer (animal or human) eat the outer part of a fruit.

The remaining part of the fruit is the material for germinating. The process of pollination is also a common thins for all kinds of plants. The plant develops the fruit while the ovary swell is around the fertilized egg. After that the ripening starts as breaking down the tissues and developing the color which is external at this stage of ripening. The staged is also characterized by low concentration of protein but vitamins, fructose and sugar is already presented.

It is the time to distinguish what the squash is. As squash blossoms are coming from squash which in its turn is a plant and a flower. Pollination is the role devoted to squash blossoms. The squash is able to produce either male or female blossoms. There is an urgent need for transferring pollen from the male units to the female ones. This is capable with the help of insects.

The blossoms are also the parts of the plants and they contain fructose and vitamins. But this is not enough for most living beings as they need meat and other products to satisfy protein and carbohydrates needs.We value the turkey meat (especially the breast part of it). The meat from turkey breasts is a great supplier of protein to our bodies. The muscle fibers of turkeys are white and narrow which gives the opportunity not to use oxygen for energy creating.

It shows us that their metabolism is of anaerobic nature. So protein is the main material which built the muscles of the turkeys. Another phenomenon is of great matter in the course of exploring cells and their containment. That is veganism. Honoria describes veganism as the ancestral human condition. Honoria states that human bodies cannot make amino acids which are essential as the absence of the corresponding genes is of great role.

The genes for enzymes for making the amino acids depend on this fact. For instance, we can take our distant ancestors which wee fossils. A bright representative of fossils is Lucy – an Australopithecus. The remains of Lucy show us that the skeleton was almost similar with gorillas’. Lucy proves us that veganism is an ancestral diet of human beings.

At that time herbivores existed only at restricted areas. While the carnivores moved much wider. Our ancestors got long limbs and tremendous muscles in the result of migration process. Uncle Mei points out various cuisines particular to grains and legumes. A lot of different countries pair rice and soybeans or lentils and wheat. This products are better is put together as grains are not the great suppliers of protein.

Taking it into consideration the fact, we can judge of legumes as the units containing enough protein. Besides, such elements as methionine and tryptophan lack protein greatly. In order to create the gene we are to combine several genes for developing things in an beneficial way. Another point is that the gene is required to decent from an organism that we are interested in. The protein-coding sequence is already known and the only thing which remains is the transferring process of the designer gene into a particular organism. The grains lack lysine they need genes descending from high lysine organism.

To increase the amount of vitamin A in rice modern scientists created golden rice. b-carotene from carrots, which is taken from the orange pigment, is needed for designing the protein coding sequence. Salt tolerant rise is another example of this type. It can be grown in areas of coastal origin. The coastal mangroves is the majoring material for the protein coding sequence. The fact that GM plants are beneficial for us is described through the importance of it as a plant which grows more food and complete plants.

Even if GM plants have few things needed for success, some special representatives of GM plants are beneficial for us as the greatest consumers on the planet. When Uncle Mei is done with his saying, Levi is angry with him. It can be seen considering the facts of GM plants. Even though GM plants are beneficial for us by all means. Cloning genes help to grow DNA. It also figures out the cause cancer from mutations.

However, cloning genes bring revolution in biology medicine and other branches of science, because it gives the possibility for cloning animals from the genes, which already exist. Even though GM plants work and save our lives, cloning animals can bring bad problems such as the ethics of cloning and any of this kind. We should be aware of transgenic plants as they can be dangerous for us as those containing different drills of viruses. In this context corn can be taken as an example of GM plant. Very often the moth larvae can attack the corn plants building the viruses in the result.

To avoid these attacks GMO plants are of great success as they may contain the Bt-toxin genes which considers regular sequence. Anyway, a lot of people are against the GMO products such as a GM corn because they are afraid of Bt-toxin genes. We reckon that as the population increases we need more food to satisfy our needs and survive. The validation of anti-GMO argument is not of great use speaking about this reason as it is a simple and small piece of toxic material which is used to prevent the corn plants from larvae. The up-to-date tendency of population growth points out the need of more food and we also need an instrument for preventing the plants. There are two sides: the problem created by GM plants and the one with the engineering grains.

The complete grain never contains any kind of virus. The grain has just one important gene of a plant into the grain. Anyway, the problem can be presented in the grain which is not more dangerous than integrating viruses.