Middle school issues

There are plenty of problems in middles school. Most of them are difficult to cope with at the the time, but now it would seem like a piece of cake. In middle school there is so much drama to deal with. Girls are trying to fit in, bodies are changing , and people are trying ti find out who they are and what their purpose is.

If your a girl you will understand when I say that that every girl wants to be that girl that everyone wants to be. Some of us don’t make it that far, so we try to fit in with people whom will accept us, not always for whom we are though. This is very hard because girls are self conscious and middle schoolers can be very persnickety about who they want in their cliques and when. If they we are thing like me anyway, they would go to about anyone without a second thought. Fitting in in middle school can feel so frustrating at times because you have your jocks, bible freaks, goths, drama geeks, computer geeks, and literary freaks, what is really tough about this is that a lot of people belong in all of the cliques, but it probably doesn’t help that we are all changing and trying to find out who we are.

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We all want to know who we are. Some of us find out later then others. In middle school is about the time we start to question out beliefs and who we are, pretty much everything that can change our character. For a middle schooler this is tough because not only are you trying to fit in you are trying to figure out who you are and your want for individuality isn’t helping a lot either. Every middle school kid wants to be independent and for their parents to stop treating them like children and let them do their own thing, but, lets just face it, we need our parents in middle school, because of peer pressure and the questioning of beliefs, it can all change who you are and prevent you from being the real you. Middle school was a tough period in our lives, but their are going to be much tougher.

We were constantly trying to fit in and be that person everyone wanted to be, and trying to figure out who we were, some of us are still learning. All the drama in middle school was nothing, but a few kids just trying to find out who they were.