Miguel- Soul Singer

It’s a cool evening in San Pedro. A suave man named Miguel and his friend, Blu, are up onstage performing one of their fresh songs at a local club. A musical sound flows from Miguel’s mouth while Blu keeps the beat. They’re enjoying themselves now not knowing how good life will be when Miguel gets discovered for his smooth voice.

Miguel defines himself as an innovator. He believes that in order to get what you want you have to make it yourself. In Miguel’s case he is making music that he describes as eclectric, his mix of electric and eclectic styles. All though Miguel has only been on the music scene for a few years his “eclectric” music styles have made a huge impact on the music industry. He has already started touring and he is attracting fans from all over the globe.

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Although Miguel is becoming a bigger star with every lyric he croons out, he is not all about the fame. As Miguel has stated before he wants his music to be different while it also connects with the people. If you really listen to all the lyrics in his songs you can tell that there are a message being delivered and a picture being painted. In Miguel’s song ‘Sure Thing’ he sings: -Even when the sky comes falling/ Even when the sun don’t shine/ I got faith in you and I/ So put your pretty little hand in mine Many people may feel different when they read these lyrics, or even see different things. When I hear these lyrics I see and hear two things.

When I read these lyrics I hear about a man willing to risk anything for the woman he loves and I picture the man saving the woman from danger. So far we have been talking about Miguel and his present day status, but now let’s talk about where this musical genius came from. Miguel was born in San Pedro, Los Angeles on October 23, 1986 to an African American mother and a Mexican father. When Miguel was eight years old his parents divorced and five years later he began pursuing his career in music seriously. Even though Miguel was thirteen when he started taking his music, at the age of five Miguel was in love with dancing. He loved to listen and dance to rhythm and blues, funk, hip hop and classic rock.

As early as 2000 you could find Miguel working with the production group Drop Squad. In 2004 Miguel moved on and was signed to Black Ice record label where he worked with Kirven “DJ Curv” Armington and made music that came close to the styling’s of Usher. When Black Ice released Miguel’s single “Getcha Hands Up” Miguel decided that he wanted to change up his style and image and he left Black Ice record label. Miguel’s manager submitted songs for almost a year to the music mogul Mark Pitts before Mark listened to “Sure Thing” and called Miguel in for a meeting; soon after his meeting with Mr. Pitts Miguel signed a contract with Jive Records.

Sadly Miguel also got sued for breach of contract with Black Ice record company (but everything went fine). That are a lot of unique things that contribute to making Miguel who he is from his clothing to his altogether presence. He is no ordinary person, instead of thinking outside of the box he thinks inside the box- a box that is only filled with what passes his high expectations of creativity. He contributes to the music industry what no other could, for he himself has created his own category for [Mysterious and Beautiful] music that connects with people. This is why Miguel is a Soul Singer.