Mkt Situation Analysis

Tropical has a good amount of information about its customers, identifying common characteristics between them as well as working on satisfying those similarities. As target markets, Pollo Tropical aims the Hispanic and Caribbean community, as well as other people looking to get a grasp of the before mentioned cultures. The restaurant also serves people looking for great quality food that helps them keep their health, as well as their physique in great shape. 2.

Market Demographics The profile for the typical Pollo Tropical consumer consists of the following factors: 2. 2. 1 Geographics Pollo Tropical has not set geographic area, continually expanding throughout the continent in recent years. 2. 2.

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2 Demographics * Consumers typically belong to the middle class segment of the population. * There is an almost equal ration between male and female consumers. * Ages 18-40 are the population age range mostly seen consuming products at the local restaurants. 2. 2. 3 Behavior FactorsConsumers at Pollo Tropical exhibit similar behavior patterns, including: * Consumers enjoy the healthy, grilled manner in which food is cooked and served to costumers, getting away from fast food restaurants and other places serving fried dishes.

* Consumers look for dishes that resemble dishes cooked and served in their home countries. * Consumers don’t mind spending a moderate waiting time in busy restaurant hours in exchange of a more restaurant than fast food experience. * Consumers enjoy the wide range of flavors and dishes offered in Pollo Tropical restaurants. . 2 Market Needs Pollo Tropical provides customer with a wide range of dishes and Caribbean inspired flavors to their customers, seeking their ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment of needs.

Pollo tropical dishes stand out from the rest for there: * Healthy and nutritionally rich recipes: Consumers have healthy lifestyles, but also look for great tasting food to complement their diets. Dishes are grilled, not fried, and are served with sides that effectively allow them to ingest much needed nutrients and proteins through the day. Great customer service: Consumers receive exemplary service from the moment they walk in to the restaurant to the moment they receive their orders, as well as a being offered a way to review the service and the food via the Pollo Tropical webpage. * Language management: Pollo Tropical counts with employers that are capable of understating their customers in other languages, from English to Spanish and even Creole.2. 0 SWOT Analysis The following SWOT Analysis captures the strengths and weaknesses within Pollo Tropical, as well as describing opportunities the company has to grow and threats it faces.

. 3 Strengths * Wide range of dishes and sides capable of satisfying even the most demanding tastes. * Healthy variety of meats and vegetables, along nutritionally rich and stomach-filling sides. * Highly trained personnel capable of providing a quick service with the utmost quality. * Continually enquire customers to comment on satisfaction and service quality received by the restaurants and its employees.

3. 4 Weaknesses * The size of restaurants and drive thru lanes, along with parking space available for customers in some restaurant falls short in peak hours. A lack of a proper cleaning schedule or method, including tables, floors, salad bars, and bathrooms. * Availability of restaurant managers when needed by customers. 3. 5 Opportunities *Targeting some of the most populous cultures in the country.

* Stronger marketing campaigns that, with the help of the already strong brand name, outsell other growing participants in the market. 3. 6 Threats * Growing competition coming from La Granja restaurants, which serve similar dishes. * Even healthier and faster dish alternatives that can potentially be offered to customers. . 0 Competition Pollo Tropical targets a growing market with other companies currently growing at a high rate.

In the South Florida area, the company faces potential threat from competitors La Granja Restaurants, which now has restaurants in various counties, including Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and St Lucie. Indirect competition includes fast food restaurants serving chicken and similar sides, including Popeye’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, along with other culture based restaurants serving Latin American or Caribbean inspired dishes.