Mkt425-Case2 Louis Vuitton in Japan

Directions: There is no single right answer to these questions – often you can argue very different points. What I care about is whether you use the information in the question and from the readings and lectures to logically support your argument. Here are the rules: 1) Be entirely explicit about your arguments. Don’t expect me to draw conclusions for myself, I won’t.

2) Make sure that your arguments have validity, that is, they are based on evidence/examples/truths that are observable in real world. 3) Be clear and concise. Don’t try to use complex words or long sentences.Think of this as writing for children. Your ideas can be complex, but you should be able to write your argument simply.

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For the answers, be sure to do the following: 1) Keep your points in a logical order. 2) Make sure that you provide full logic/reasoning regarding each point. 3) If your answer is not clearly relevant to the course material, it is wrong. 4) Tie each point back to the question – make sure that its relevance is clear. 5) I expect a fact-based analysis if you are providing examples.

6) Be concise. MKT425 CASE # 2 Louis Vuitton IN JAPANAnswer the following questions. 1) What has made Louis Vuitton’s business model successful in the Japanese Luxury market? 2) What are the opportunities and challenges for Louis Vuitton in Japan? 3) What are the specifics of the Japanese fashion luxury market? 4) How did Louis Vuitton enter the Japanese market originally? What were the other entry strategies it adopted later to strengthen its presence? 5) Will Louis Vuitton have any new challenges arise due to the global financial crisis? How does it overcome the new challenges?