Model T

What would it be like to not have automobiles? Think of how we would get to places far away or how we would travel with others. All vehicles play important roles in the world to this day as they did back in the early 1900’s. The most important thing was how many people actually got to use this vehicle and how easy it was to make.

When the Model T was created it was an event in history that had a huge impact on how we did things. The Model T was an invention that was an easy production vehicle, changed the way we travel, and it was one of the top sellers in the 1900’s. The Model T was one of the first assembly line products which drastically changed the business. A difference between a product in a production line and not in a production line is the speed in which it can be created. In a production line there are many different workers doing different things.

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Some of them are the ones to put the frame together and others are putting the lights in. In the process everyone has a specific job and if they do this job multiple times they eventually can do it at a faster rate. The Model T did not start out as an assembly line vehicle meaning it didn’t have as good of sales in the early stages of production. Working a production line in a company will be cheaper than just building the vehicle stationary (“Ford Motor Co…”). The rate of production increases dramatically when it is a production line due to the constant movement and flow of building the vehicle.

If the company is able to make a vehicle cheap they are able to sell it cheap making it easier for citizens to get there hands on one. Traveling was a little more difficult before the Model T came around. The main way of travel before the Model T was by horse and very few had cars. The model T first came out in 1908 and it was made by Henry Ford’s company in Detroit, Michigan. The Model T is a vehicle that could run on gasoline or hemp based fuel.

The engine was 22 horsepower, 4 cylinder and was made of a new heat treated steel (“Ford Motor Co…”). It had enough seating for 2-4 people meaning you could travel with more people or you could use the extra space to your advantage. The Model T had a top speed of roughly 44 miles per hour which greatly impacted travel time which was an event in time that impacted many other events during the time. Since this was an affordable vehicle many were able to live farther away from work so they could expand job option. This is what helped communities grow and it also helped families travel together more often. This vehicle was among one of the top sellers in the 1900’s.

The reason for this was because of the price it was sold at it made it available for everyone to buy. The model T was not the first car to be made but before it, cars were considered a luxury. It started out at $825 which would be roughly $18,000 in today’s dollars. This means that it was a very cheap car compared to the competing vehicles. This changed the way we traveled dramatically because so many people could get there hands one one without being rich. The Model T had one of the longest production runs until the Volkswagen beetle passed it in 1972. This shows that the Model T was a very popular car because of the cost and the production rate of it. Showing that the time period in which the Model T was at its peak was an event that had an impact on other car dealers and the public. The production rate of the car was so great due to Ford sticking to one model and making the parts on the car interchangeable. Due to the production at ford it made the production of the vehicle easy and fast. The Model T made a trip to the park with the family or a drive to work a lot faster than it use to be.

Since they were made in an assembly line fashion they were cheaper for the public, which is why they sold so many of them. Many would say that without the Model T are lives would be different due to the mobility it gave to most people. About 15 years later the model was getting old and did not meet the needs of the people because they were looking for something more, so that is why the Volkswagen beetle stepped in as one of the top selling cars of the 1900’s. Many owned a Model T and many would say it helped form our communities and businesses.