Essay on Modified Classes

How tiring do you think a college athlete’s schedule is? Well, if you were thinking not tiring, imagine practicing two times a day once in the morning and once in the night. Next, they go to school, already exhausted go to another practice and are up late if they have a test to study. I bet that will certainly be tiring. Division one college athletes should have modified classes.

The most important factor of modified classes is their schedule. According to Business Insider two college athletes’ said “They spend forty hours practicing with no time for academic commitments.”Another piece of information thatI gathered from a Cbs site is their sport is like their job. Also, most of the players after an exhausted day are too tired to study and require rest. It’s not that they party or stay up late. It’s that they practice late.

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So you see, their schedules are a big influence in why these athletes need a break. Second is they need to focus on their sport. A supporting fact is, the NCAAFB ( national college athletes association football) gave a survey that concluded “they worry more when they have homework and it’s stressful.” Also,they go to practice no matter what. Next a fact is they have two practices a day. Then, they have practices six out of seven days a week.

In other words, too much homework adds to the stress of an already exhausting and demanding sport. Finally, the last factor is they go to school for their sport not to major in something else They get scholarships and want to play their sport. Also, they want to go to school for that sport. Next, scouts see them at higher levels of play. The last point is, the better teams are in better divisions so they want to play for those teams. So their sport is their career; why should they have to major in something else? To sum it up, college athletes should have a different schedule.

In the future, maybe we will pay our college athletes to perform their sport. For now, we don’t pay them. Maybe once you were in college and tired. How do you think division one college athletes feel ?