Mr. President

Dear. Mr. President, The Colleges prices are drastically are going up. With growing college prices, it’s hard for people to even afford college. If their parents do not have the kind of money to send their kids to college do there will always be people that have a lower education than others.

There are obviously other ways for people to be successful, but even if you get a good job, someone with a good college degree will be in front of you According to Alan Collinge on www.forbes .com education, on average, the government recovers one dollar paid out in default claims. Assuming general collection costs, and even allowing for a nominal time value of money is very low), it still appears that the federal government is making a pretty penny from defaults.” Just because the school campuses are expanding doesn’t mean that the staff is, so that means the money is going to the school because they can’t afford to be that big.

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Knowing that and knowing that we are in debt, it’s important that the government is getting money. But going to a source where all of that money is coming from kids trying to get an education is horrible. The school is also making a lot money off of this. When you go to a state campus you see nothing, but a clean very nice campus. These are not free; it costs a lot of money to maintain, pay people that are working there, and to build it! According to www.npr.

org the student debt is now at one trillion dollars and every year it increases two or three or four above the inflation rate. The amount of money that is being taken from the American people that want an education is not good. It is putting people into debt just for that chance of getting a good job. The government needs to do something about all the money that they are taking and make it easier for the American people to be smart, hardworking people.