Multinational Business Research

In and Out Burger

“In and Out Burger” is a regional chain dealing in fast food restaurants situated in most westerns sides of United States of America.

The company for a long time has struggled to franchise its operations or even going public because of fear of quality prospects and compromising the consistency of their customers through excessive growth in business. The business practices embraced by “In and Out Burger” has been noted to focus on personnel policies centered on employee. For instance, it is among the few fast food chains operating within United States of America paying its employees wages that exceed the minimum rates guidelines for states beginning with US$10 for every hour in California since the beginning of 2008 (Perman, 2009). The company derives its greatest strength from loyal customer base which has been rated in a number of customer satisfaction surveys as one of the top fast foods restaurants in United States. With capacity to earn huge customer following and maintain their loyalty, the company can capture the market in China. China is country with one of the largest population in the world.

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Even though the menu may be different due to cultural influence, the company can successfully integrate in the Chinese market by changing the list of menu offered to reach out to all Chinese residents. Besides, with exemplary remuneration for employees, “In and Out” is assured of bringing in Chinese employees who are able to interact successfully with the customers and continue with the in-bread doctrine of the company of elevating customer’s needs above financial gains. Influence in the Chinese market can begin at home. For instance, the company can take the mandate of targeting tourists and business people from china operating in America. With interest of a few, it would be possible to gain favor with many in China.

Impacting the market in China would mean change of menu. Currently, the company offers menu made up of 3 burger varieties namely; cheeseburger, “Double-Double and hamburger. Fountain drinks and French fries are also available in their stores together with 3 flavors in milkshakes. Hamburgers normally come with tomato, lettuce without onions (Perman, 2009). The company does well in sales promotion.

It employs the use roadside billboards in attracting customers to their nearest location. This factor has also amounted to their success. The chain also employs the use of short radio commercials as well as TV commercial s to enhance appeal among the customers. It rarely uses celebrities. Moreover, “In and Out” also benefit greatly from word of mouth in creating positive enthusiasm from fans. This factor in important if “In and Out” is to expand operations in China.

To capture the attention of about 2billion Chinese population, the company has to improve on sales promotion. It has to be entertaining, captivating and informative expressed in familiar language. The company does not employ celebrities in advertisements. Nevertheless this has to change to reach out to the larger Chinese market. Introducing new service in the market would need a way of promotion that raises curiosity among customers.

Celebrity advertisement achieves this.The company gain competitive advantage from its location in areas that are highly populated in the West odds. Most companies cannot brave those places but prefer comfort zone. Defying odds in unique areas to ensure business success imply that the company has the capacity to operate in China, a unique market. Undeniably, there is a stiff competition in China just like United States.

Nonetheless, offering unique services to customers would enable “In ; out” gain competitive advantage. In this case, use of technology, offering unique packaging, educative forums, sponsoring events and word of mouth promotion would make the company achieve that target. This implies that a large number of employees are required. So far, with exemplary financial performance, “In and Out” is able to bring in more employees of Chinese origin. Theefore, an expansion of operations of this company to China is possible once all the required factors are met to the letter.

First Solar Multinational Business Assessment

First Solar Company is the largest manufacturer of thin-films solar power modules in the world.

The American company makes thin film photovoltaic modules and provides supporting services to PV plants as well as maintenance, construction and end-of-life recycling panel. This company manufactured cadmium telluride from glass substrate relying on PV panels used in conversion of sunlight into electricity. This is less expensive as compared to those made out of crystalline silicon. In 2009, First solar emerged as the first ever company to lower the cost of production to $1 per watt. The capacity harvest power operating under a long range of light conditions makes such cells more attractive for large scale companies requiring utilized-sized energy production that is also renewable.

In 2010, First solar company earned $2,564 (Morgan, Siegel & Robert, 2010).


First solar uses solar panels made out of Cadmium Telluride as the main components. Cadmium Telluride is among the nine rarest elements present on the surface of Earth. Statistic indicate that 160-215 metric turns of this elements get mined every year implying that this company uses between 51% to 81% of the global supply of Telluride.

  • Benefits derived from First Solar’s advanced thin film solar module technology;
  • Fastest energy and smallest carbon payback time of any photovoltaic system.
  • Has high energy yield more than the common solar modules under hot climates
  • Is the cost leader at less than $0.75 per watt
  • It is the record holder in the world for producing PV module cell and CdTe PV cells with efficiency of 17.3% and 14.4% respectively.
  • Outperforms the common solar modules with equivalent rates of power.
  • Is the first solar’s first pre-funded recycling and collection program.

Normally, all PV modules are rated at 1,000 W/ m2 solar radiance on the basis of Standard Test Conditions and 25°C module temperature. Conventionally, module temperatures normally go past the STC and this company manufactures solar modules that are able to generate more energy as compared to the competing modules having just the same ratings of power as a result of superior coefficient temperature. The technology have been certified and verified by independent engineers to safety standards and international performance by third laboratories globally. The modules produced by first solar have proven bankable and backed by a warrant of 25 year output as well as a 10year workmanship and material warranty (Henry, 2008).

Competition and Markets

‘First solar’ company gains competitive advantage by the use of technology to enhance product differentiation. Some of the competitors include; JA Solar Holdings selling monocrystalline solar cells, Kyocera, Sharp Electronics, Energy Conversion Devices, SunPower, Solarfun Power Holdings and Suntech Power Holding and Mitsubishi, BP and Sanyo.

The strength of First Solar’s project is best indicated by gross margin. A recent development to the advantage of the company is the heavy anti-dumping tariff posed by United States of America on Chinese made module cells. As a result, the imported modules from China dramatically fell. The total extra costs gotten from the two duties are approximated to be 8-9% (anti-subsidy and anti-dumping). Undoubtedly, the potential future markets for First solar PV projects are located areas characterized by hot climate as a result of solar radiation.

A number of government legislation has also managed to benefit industries by making the company more profitable hence the likelihood of growth tends to be high. They include; the United States Stimulus Bill in 2009 which assured $60 billion in guarantees of loans from companies building winds and solar plants. Renewable Energy Law in China targets to raise total proportion of renewable energgy used within the country only by 15% by 2020. This a potential market for world largest manufacturer of thin films power modules. Therefore, with arising movements to tackle global warming, most governments are convinced around the world together with citizens to start exploring sustainable and viable energy solution thus opening avenues to companies like First Solar to operate.

Nike footware products

Nike is an American mutination corporation engaged engaged in developing, designing and marketing footwear, equipment, apparel, accessories and services. It is the main manufacturer of sport equipement. Nike’s revenue by 2012 was in inexcess of US$24.1billion. This year, the coporation managed to employ more than 44,000 people globally. The value of brand is $10.

7 billion thus making Nike the most valuable brand of all the businesses dealing in sports. Nike recently added Nike SB, Nike 6.0, Nike NYK shoes designed exlusively for skate boarding. The recent shoe wear is cricket shoes known as Air Zoom Yorker. These shoes are desgined to be lighter than those of competitors. Back in 2008, the company unveiled the Air Jordan XX3, a shoe with a higher performance made mindfully of the environment.

The company sell products that include; apparel for sport activities such as football association, running, basketball, American football, tennis, cross training for men, children and women and golf. The company also sells outdoor activities such as baseball, tennis, skateboarding, golf, volleyball, cheerleading, cycling, American football, aquatic activities and recreational uses. The footwear manufactured by Nike has become part of youth culture, hip hop culture and chav culture used in supplying urban fashions clothing. In the recent past, Nike teamed up with Apple in producing Nike shoes that can monitor the performance of a runner througha radio device in the show having a linkage to iPod nano. Despite that the product line has registered promising stratistics, it has occassionally been criticized for promoting concealable intelligence (Allen, 2009).

Nike’s footwear is recognized among sustainability efforts based on Down Sustainability Index. In recent past, Nike recently investogated options to improve energy efficieny. The company certified all the new buildings based in Oregon with Earth Advantage hence being able to save 2,000 therms of natural gas and more than 2million kilowatt. As a result, an overral saving of $100,000 was made. Some of the future plans of the company regarding footware include;u Working inconjuction with organic cotton farmers in creation of larger market for cotton. Use of organic cotton in making footware has been climbing every year since 1997 with a goal of 3% use of organic cotton for every unit in the company by 2010.

  • Eliminating PVC in footwear products
  • Reusing shoe programme from the time of inception enabling recycling 13 million pairs of athletic shoes.
  • Working with organic cotton in creation of larger markets for company’s cotton. The ultimate goal is 3% of organic cotton for every company unit in 2010.
  • Mitigating the level of emmission at factories globall and encouraging every plant making footware to adopt environmental management systems.

Astouding challenge facing the company is the abilitty to monitor factory condtions operating among overseas suppliers.

So far, Nike has been comended for act of openness in declining to unaccept challanges and practices but eliminating them .Due to extenstivity of the market globally, Nike can not limit its operations only within the country but engage in offshore activities. Undeniablly, football and other games has spread in all parts of the world in both developed and developing countries. As a result, the global market has continue to embrance Nike’s products because they form part of necessity for most people. Most sport shoes embraced by the larger market are made by Nike.

In fact, every house use Nike’s product in one way or another thus existing at the epicenter of footwear in sporting.