My Almost Loss

The rain was just sprinkling down the window, the class was quiet as the night hearing only the teacher, she’s my favorite teacher but yet the tedious, she was wearing casual jeans and a pennfield shirt that says “GO PANTHERS”, Her hair was always up in a ponytail, but left two strands down her left and right cheek.

As i thought the day was going to get better, I get a call from my cousin Adis. “I’m coming to get you”,he said in a deep and mysteriousvoice. “Why?” I asked soundingconfused and curious. “Grandmas in the hospital and im coming to get you.”he said, with a voice so grimed.

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Not saying a word,giving me that bad feeling, him saying those words were like a meteor crushing my world. I snap out of my head with my cousin ,Adis, screaming my name through the phone. I add on with a grimmly voice. “Hurry!”.When I get in the car,i put my seatbelt on and go the back roads all the way their andwas doing about 70 the whole way their way to the hospital.

But I wasn’t really paying attention, to me it felt like 3 mph. I couldn’t get my thoughts out of my head. The only thing I had in my mind was my Grandma. Thinking of the past being in her “Mansion ” , a name we gave to her house. In reality it was just a mysterious creepy three story house it was big,but not a “mansion”.

Eating some atole with toast and orange juice, water balloon fight, my grandma’s cooking and her trying to teach us how to cook.All of a sudden we stopped in the hospital parking lot. Me, jolting forward, snapped me out of my head and out of my thoughts. We pushed opened the doors and started sprinting like we’re running for our lives, like their was someone chasing us. While we were running I washaving more flashbacks.

Playing in the yard while my grandmas watching us, talking smack like always. Adis puts his hand out and stoppedme to find the room on our left. Me and Adis look at each other and see her laying their perfectly fine. She just had said to us that she was having chest pains and collapsed. When she told us she was fine Adis and I just looked at each other and just grimmily laughed. My Grandma looked kinda mad, probably for leaving school for her,but relieved that we cared so much to drive there.

She gave us each a strange and worried looked, like she was holding something back. I can tell by the look on her wrinkled and restless face, she was holding something back. I know Adis noticed the same thing I did, I can tell he was going to ask her what she was holding back. “Mom?” he asks “what are you-” he gets interrupted when I bark, “What’s for lunch?” Adis is looking at me funny, like i was trying to say what i was thinking before he can, but not meaning to, just trying to save us from a lie she was going to tell. When I looked at Adis, he’s sitting half asleep, watching”arrow”. I’m in the chair next to his, but i can’t think straight.

Just thankful that my grandma is still with us. But, still having those worried thoughts and having those desired memories.Thinking what i will do if she wasn’t with me. If she wasn’t with us. Im thankful for my family and my friends for always being there for me.