my brother sam is dead

use to argue with his dad look at the way Sam argued with his dad then when he came home he never argued with his mom Sam all ways use to complain to his dad and mom.

War strips it away because you go into the war as a boy and come out a man. You haft to be a man to be in the war you haft to want to be there and no complaining look at the way Sam and Tim complained at having to milk the cow or take the eggs from the chickens you haft to want to do what you are told and not complain about it. War is sowing Mannish colitis by men wanting to be there to fight for their contras look at Sam he wanted to fight and Tim wanted to kill someone for his brother Sam just to rescue him I would do the same thing for my brother war shows Mannish colitis by men wanting to fight for their country’s and not complain about it look at the way Sam said to his dad he said dad I want to fight in the war sums dad said no its no place for a boy but war is no place for a boy there’s no complying about it. War changes boys into men like how it changes everyone into a bigger man/woman into what they want to be a bigger man/woman look at the way Tim changes he said he would slit a man’s through just to save. Sam was still at rock bottom Tim became a man

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