My Debate

Never was I the school type of girl, Neither have I understood the point of receiving most of these unnecessary classes that we are required to receive now and days ;and from my honest opinion it seems as the time goes by ,school is getting harder ,and the school days are extending. Sometimes I wonder if these different districts or whoever makes up these rules ask themselves, “Why are the dropouts rates extending each year?” Is it a concern to them about them not receiving an education? Or what’s going on in their personal life that they can’t seem to stay focused? Throughout my school years I must say that I enjoyed it to a certain extent. You’re probably wondering what those reasons are.

As funny as it might sound I never wanted to miss out on any of the action such as, school games, fights ,and plenty more. I call it the childish stage. Practically the phase every teenager wants to be involved in. Eventually I grew out of it, along with being a tomboy doing boy sports trying to participate in football games. Me being the only girl I had to have some type of fun. But one thing I didn’t grow out of was understanding the point of attending school seven days a week, eight hours a day.

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I believed and still until this day that it’s a waste of time considering half of the things I learned has been deleted from my memory. They only thing that held me together in school was sports, it kept my grades together and it just made school the best for me, but long gone when it was done I hated attending school with a passion .Mostly when I moved and transferred schools .I just wasn’t feeling the whole school vibe anymore. When I was participating in sports It was must of keeping an average of a 70 or above to participate in school activities or games. Knowing me I liked to do more than what’s expected which get a higher grade.

Not only because of sports but because my mom was strict also. She would kill me and take all the fun away for me. I knew I had to make the best of school knowing that I wasn’t participating in anymore sports; I started slacking. I knew I had to come up with a master plan, but I just didn’t know what or how. At the time too many obstacles just started attacking me causing me not to focus.

I began giving up on school .Everything abstracted my interest. I then realized how everything started affecting me after I stop participating in school events. After all I just began to think how I have achieved throughout my years of education, it’s my senior year and all this could have not come to a waist of my life. I hated school and didn’t want to come, I thought to myself that there’s a reason I wake up every morning.

Therefore I must use my time discreetly. I began to look at short term goals trying to accomplish it little by little. For instance graduate with my class on time. I mean I wouldn’t want to be the only one not walking the stage seeing my close friends leaving me behind. To that end I knew I had to what I had to do at the end of the day. My accomplishment was my number one priority that would move me forward.