My trip to New York City and Washington D.C

Have you ever wanted to visit Washington D.C or New York City? After having recently completed a journey to both fair cities, I can inform you on where to go and where to not go in Washington D.

C. and New York. From the alluring cherry blossoms to the spectacular historic monuments Washington D.C is truly an astonishing place to visit. Out of all the other grief-stricken memorials the most moving of all the was the Holocaust museum.While be it extremely graphic, it shows the real version of what happened to the victims of that horrific event.

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While it may have not been as moving as the Holocaust museum. the Fords Theatre and Petersen House taught me how a country can still move forward even if their leader was shot dead (Fords Theatre is where President Abraham Lincoln was shot and Petersen House was where he died). My favorite place on our Washington D.C. tour was the home of our first president George Washington there we toured his large estate during a lightning storm and learned about life in the 1700s.

New York while it may be crowded was my favorite city due to its energy and temperature. In New York you may be wondering how people get around. There is to much traffic, and you can’t walk too far if you’re like me. They just use the subway which was one of my favorite aspects even though the station smelled like human excreta. Using the Subway we went to Times Squarewhere if you got lost you would never find your group again. My group being made of lovers of chocolate went to the MnM World and the Hersheys shop.

Than we made out way to the Disney store. Even though we went to such few places we were still amazed at the bright billboards and the fact that it looked like day time at night. The next day after going “On Top of the Rock” we went walking around with the group from Patten Academy. We then found someplace to stop and shop. we peered into the windows of the Lindt chocolate store to be amazed by the fact that you could buy thirty-six truffles for about sixteen dollars.

The last part of our journey was the breathtakingly spectacular lion king which brought the animal puppets to life on stage. We were all awestruck by the stunning talent of all the actors and musicians who played their part in bringing the story of the lion king to life. From my essay so far it sounds like everything was perfect it was not but somethings were significantly better than others. For instance when we went to Chinatown we took part in haggling, which is where you try and barter with the vendor I got some tips from my mom “first offer thirty percent than fifty to seventy-five than walk” it was a lot of fun. Something i forgot to mention was that i was really sick. When i was in D.

C. at the National Archives i felt like i was going to pass out and i was hallucinating. When i was in New York at the 9/11 memorial i felt like i was going to be really sick fortunately that didn’t happen. those were my only bad experiences on this wonderful trip. Imagine that you are in New York City, even though you have been walking all day you are amazed to see the beautiful 9/11 memorial. than you trudge back onto the subway to smell the exquisite smell of public transportation and onto the next stop where ever that may be.

From the skyscrapers of new York to the monuments and museums of Washington D.C this trip was wonderful.