The primary goal of WI. Gore

It can also be seen that the company is well managed due to their sales level and ability to expand throughout the globe. These practices have broken the stereotypes taught in business school. 2) As unique as these companies are to one another, the competitive edge focuses around two mall factors which are differentiation and quality. The primary goal of WI.

Gore was to create differentiated products to satisfy customer needs using PETE and fete methods and styles, clearly using a broad differentiation strategy as they appealing to a variety of customers in the areas of Electronics, Fabrics, Industrial Materials and Medicine. ) One key approach used by W. L. Gore is that of their differentiated approach to leadership. This included many aspects such as having a variety of leaders such as plant leaders and functional leaders to handle various special tasks without consolidation of higher management. Also the reduction of Job titles and hierarchy level allowed for better flow of information In the company which meant that there were faster transfers of Information between associates which would contain Ideas hat the company can use to maintain or improve their current competitive advantage.

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Another aspect to maintaining their competitive advantage was through the use of rewards which were linked to achieving their goals and strategies. 4) The culture at Gore is based around oral communication and the building and maintaining of relationships, flexible leadership styles and rewards. This was because W. L. Gore believed that these factors would allow for a more direct transfer for Information and the building of relationships would allow for a better productivity bevel and overall running of the enterprise.

It can be argued that this company’s culture Is healthy and largely supportive of good strategy execution due to the fact that by building relationships, having flexible leader styles and a stable reward system, new Ideas on Transliteration Ana Innovation AT can come auto so winch can be consider by management. This would aid in potentially improving their competitive advantage by having new productions which are different from competitors. 5) Gore instills in culture through the use of various coaches/mentors, a system ladled “Correct,” for communication purposes and monetary rewards for contributions by salespeople and other employees.

The role of monetary rewards through pay and non-monetary rewards through stocks served as a means of instilling and maintaining the company’s culture and strategy. This was because when objective are achieved both in the long and short-term, these rewards were given.

Therefore, employees would work along the lines of what allows them rewards and this would maintain the culture of the organization. Due to this, it should not be official for Gore to staff managers to maintain and direct employees to upkeep the culture. ) W. L. Gore’s view of leadership differs greatly from most companies.

It was based on a dynamic and fluid process. Individuals who were not hierarchical leaders would sometimes step into lead based on factors such as knowledge of an areas or if they possessed certain skills. Leadership was basically seen as being without titles, hierarchy or official structure. Based on their culture of building relationships and being flexible it can be seen that leaderships does not play a significantly important ole in the company. ) Gore aid in achieving a cross-functional fit across their diverse areas due to the fact that they spread their culture and factors of it across the entire company.