Narrative Essay: My Success

I started my life in the Army and have worked my way up to being a multimillionaire because of what I have learned throughout my life. My success began shortly after high school and has gone from strength to strength every year.I didn’t do very well in high school. I passed all of my exams, but I already knew that I was not destined for the Ivy leagues.

My two older brothers went into the army and turned from spotty teens into something else. I don’t want to say that they turned into men because the army is too full of immature boys living in a man’s world. But, they did turn into something different, so I thought I would give it a go.It is a little bit like how you see it in the movies. There is a lot of hard work, exercise and discipline. But, the movies leave out the rampant swearing, parties, hookers, drugs, drinking and the mouthing off to drill sergeants.

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Superiors will often only take a hard line on people who mouth off at them if a superior officer is close by. I sank into the background and was fairly unnoticed and un-exemplary. My service helped me achieve the rank of sergeant before I was finished.Whilst a sergeant I learned a lot about the army. There are dirty little secrets such as training black ops and Special Forces by not allowing them to sleep and then dropping them in eastern European countries where they were told to reach a target in 24 hours. They often stole motorcycles and cars, and even killed the local populace upon occasions, although nobody would ever admit to it.

I also learned a lot of mind manipulation techniques that were taught to me to make me a better leader.None of this training was ever official, but it involved methods of convincing people to do things in a way that always makes them comply. They were forms of manipulation that we are all aware of but are unaware of how powerful they are. People do not like being approached in shops because they think it is uncomfortable, but the fact is it is because they subconsciously know that they may be manipulated. Put yourself in that position, and then imagine that you entered the shop and six people of the opposite sex (staff) were happy to see you had arrived and made a fuss of you.

How difficult would it be to simply walk out without making a purchase?I used these techniques to later write books on how to sell things to people. The same manipulation techniques that could get my squad to run another ten miles were used to help other people sell a little bit more to their customers. My books, seminars, videos and workshops have helped to make me a multimillionaire. The great thing is that I used my manipulation techniques to gain more money. My first book is out of print and now sells on Amazon for $400+, and my company is the one who holds most of the second hand copies that are listed on there.