Narrative Essay: Things I Didn’t Know Before I Started University

IntroductionIn my essay, I explain that I didn’t know most universities in the US have a very liberal agenda that is policed by the campus staff like Nazi soldiers in 1940s Germany. I show that liberal colleges teach feelings and republican colleges teach values.

In liberal universities you only get a liberal education, in republican universities you get a liberal and republican education because you need to teach students liberal ideas in order to teach them republican values. The same is not true in reverse for teaching liberal ideas. Essay Body I didn’t know that most of the universities in the US are failing to give students a full education. I was unaware that most universities are viciously liberal to the point where a student is guarded from real life. The few universities with a republican outlook are able to give students a republican and liberal education because they have to.

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In order to teach republican values, you need to address liberal feelings, but in liberal universities there is only “feelings.” There is no talk of values other than those that are based on feelings. What I didn’t know was that feelings are dangerous. They are supposed to temper our actions; they are not supposed to dictate them. A great example of how flawed the ideas of living based on your feelings (the liberal agenda), is when a stranger and your dog are drowning.

A liberal would save his or her dog because he or she has feelings for the dog. A republican would save the human stranger because he or she has values that rise above feelings. The republican values human life, the liberal values how rotten a person would feel once the dog had gone. What I didn’t know was that running a university based on feelings is dangerous because it leaves people believing their feelings are the most important thing. Liberal universities set up rules regarding speech and writing.

A student cannot write things that may be seen as offensive because it may hurt the feelings of other people. These talking and writing rules are very strict, to the point where if a student even approaches a sensitive subject, then he or she may be expelled from the college or university. This idea alone is frightening because firstly it teaches students that they have a “right” not to be offended, and secondly it ill-prepares students for the real world. Students walk around as adults thinking they have a right not to be offended, but if such a right existed, then we would have to give up our freedom because people can be offended by anything. Furthermore, students need to be taught that they are going to be offended, that life is not fair, and that people will try to hurt them. They need to learn these lessons because it is real life, and a liberal university is not preparing them for this.

ConclusionI saw an episode of the Simpsons where Homer goes to college and gets three nerds expelled. A criminal comes along and asks them for their wallets because he is a wallet inspector. The man steals the wallets and the nerds stand there waiting for him to bring them back. Though this was a joke, it is a genuine exaggeration of what liberal universities are doing to students. They are not preparing students for the real world.

I didn’t know this before going to university, and am sad that I missed out on learning about real life. I could have gone a lot further a lot faster in my twenties if I had a proper education about the realities of life when I was in university.