Narrative Essay

The problem that I am facing, in fact it’s the only problem going on right now. School/grades are the only problem. Every week I usually have 2 or 3 tests in my classes, Most of the time I end up failing at least one of them. I guess the main issue is that I don’t test well.

It really sucks to be doing pretty good on assignments and homework and stuff. If I don’t get good grades in all my classes then….. I won’t get to play for my basketball team, I made the team. I am not allowed to have an F.

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If I do then I have to sit on the bench for the next game until my grade gets back up. I’m not anywhere close to an F, but it’s always good to be cautious. But finals are coming up. So I never know how low my grade will sink if I fail one of my many finals. I currently do not have an F or a D.

but if I fail a final or something like that then I will have a D in 2 of my classes. If I end the semester with a D in any classes my parents will be really extremely mad and disappointed at me. If that does end up happening then my parents will take my phone, and I cannot live without my phone. So that’s another reason why grades are a problem for me. Also everyday teachers always have problems of their own.

It’s stupid. Everyday someone in class gets treated differently than they were the day before. Sometimes some classes hardly or never give out homework. So it’s pretty hard to study for classes like that. Good grades are really important to me.

If I don’t get good grades then I will not be able to get into a good college. Maybe not the one I want to go to. I won’t be able to live the life I want to live, have my dream job and make 6 figures. So I’ll be richer then my parents ever will be. Good grades and studying can get me just about anything.

I get annoyed by my parents every single day. It drives me crazy. I hate having to deal with it all the time. I need to do something with my life after high school. Be better and richer then my brother (who’s about to go off to a really good college).

Some people doubt me and judge me. Some people say I will never amount to anything or become anything. But things will change. This is the first year that grades really matter. I’m a freshman in high school.

So this is the year where colleges start looking at my grades. It’s really important. This is the first year that colleges start to judge me and evaluate me. So these next four years mean everything. Finals are now only 3 days away. I’m really worried about getting a bad grade.

I’m planning on fixing this problem, overcoming it I might say. I’m going to overcome this problem by trying my hardest in school, studying more than I used too and turning in every single one of my homework assignments in on time. Those are my steps to overcoming my problem and I’m going to try my best to go through with them and complete them.