National Lottery Funding Proposal

Introduction Creating community projects in multiple deprivation areas in the United Kingdom can be handled as a social responsibility initiative, as well as a marketing and public relation issue. In order to secure funding from the National Lottery, the theme, area, rationale and proposal needs to be presented in a way that the decision makers would clearly see the benefits of the project not only for the community, but the organization itself, as well. (Pequegnat, 2010,) Theme The theme of the one day event would be open air sports, and the campaign would target the 11-16 year old population of the Bradford area. As the area is considered to be one of the multiple deprivation areas in the United Kingdom, (Measuring Multiple Deprivation at the Local Area Level study, Online) because of the lack of sports facilities, low income, the high number of unemployment and social housing, as well as the proportion of single parent families, it is a potential target location for promoting National Lottery.

In order to create a successful campaign, parents should be motivated for enrolling their children on the free event. The event would be held in a local park, arranged with local authorities, venues would be hired, and the local schools would also be involved. The theme of the event would be built around diversity and inclusion, and the council would provide necessary support to help the most relevant groups of young people, as well as their families involved in the event. Sports Area Goalball participants would help support the event, and as antisocial behaviour in the area is a real problem, there is a need for relevant education regarding diversity and inclusion. The increasing number of Yob attacks in Bradford against helpless, disabled or elderly people would create a theme for the event, and doing street fun ball games together, participating in competitions and building “mixed teams” together would create an inclusive atmosphere for both disadvantaged teenagers and Paralympics champions.

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As the National Lottery promotes equal chances and opportunities in its games, the sports event would create a perfect theme for promoting diversity and inclusion in the community. (Amadeo et al, 2010) Different local organization representing minorities, such as ethnical groups would be involved, and they would get a chance to express their views about the problems in the local area. Goalball is a team sport for the visually impaired people. It is played by two teams with three players serving as substitutes on each team. The game is played on the floor of a rectangular court, divided into half.

Players use bell ball while playing, where the players roll the ball across opponents’ line as the other party try to prevent the event from happening. The players use the sound of the bell to make a judgment on the position of the ball. Time duration for the game is 12 minutes. The involvement of non-disabled people would create a new aspect of playing the game, understanding diversity and different disabilities. Objectives To uphold a secure and successful Goalball occasion to generate knowledge and inclusion of different minority groups To ease the networking of members interested in supporting goal ball to the unseen community, create sports clubs and strengthen communities To bring up the awareness strategy of Goalball into mainstream schools To give the visually impaired individuals the chance to take part in a sport together with the sighted peers To create an awareness of choices of sprts available to them with the raise in the activity level of young people, whose parents cannot afford professional training, and lack regular school physical education programmes. To create a demand that gives a Goalball After School Club in the Bradford area, sponsored by the company and set up fund raising campaigns to create further community projects that would be in line with the mission statement of National Lottery.

Rationale The project would be welcomed by local government agencies, social workers and the council’s relevant departments, as well. As the event would be created on a low budget, it would not require a high level of investment; however, brand awareness and public relations benefits for the organization would be high. (Bickley, 2010) As the company is a reputable brand, its social responsibility project would have an impact on local communities, and local sports clubs would also become interested in sponsorship or collaboration. This would further increase the reputation of the brand, create awareness of other social responsibility projects, and the funds raised by the event would be also released for local young people’s charities, to provide education, training and support for them. (Dropkin, 2008) The theme of luck in a highly disadvantaged community would help both social workers and young people living in the area. Proposal and budgetThe event would increase the popularity of the company, create awareness of other sponsorship programs supported by the National Lottery Fund, as well as promote some of the products and services offered by the organization.

(White, 2003) Budget Request Key Expenditure Total equipment costs including vat ? 763 Team T-shirts with Braille writing 1st on them ? 370 2 Goal Ball trainers (pre-event training rollout) ? 900 Venue hire ? 195 Venue support staff & ? 72 Olympic coach for the day ? 100 Provision administration costs ? 300 Refreshments and catering for forty children and VIP lunch for 34 guests to include the mayor ? 1500 Provision for marketing ? 500 Provision for trophies and prizes ? 300 The budget would not include overhead costs, as the charity would provide all professionally trained staff to organize and carry out the event, secure agreements, set up meetings and plan the program. (Camelot, 2011) Aims and Projected ResultsThe aim of the program would be to create awareness of people living with disabilities, as well as marginal social groups. As playing lottery everyone has the same chance to win, the theme of luck and determination would create a positive company image. There would be local press coverage, as well as press releases online, promoting the event, providing free publicity for the National Lottery. (Youth in Focus, 2010) The brand reputation would be increased, and the event would be in line with the social responsibility initiatives within the National Lottery. The company would also be able to secure long term relationships and sponsorship agreements with local charities, organizations and sports clubs.

The National Lottery would also be able to promote its responsible gaming initiatives. (National Lottery Responsible Gaming Report, 2011 and Responsible Gaming Strategy, 2011)