Native Americans in a Puppet Show

Puppet Show Script Narrator: “Native Americans are people who were here before the United States was formed. The US has caused many problems for these people with forcing them off their land and putting them on small reservations where many are unhappy. These people want to continue their traditions but the way they are being treated makes it hard for them to be happy and it is upsetting to these people.

The reservations they live on are nowhere near as good as the land they used to have. This is to show what these people want and what they think would help. Here are just two people from two different tribes known as the Cherokee and the Sioux talking about the problems they are faced with.” Cherokee: “Hello, I am from the Cherokee tribe and my name is Isi. I want to tell you about my culture and all the problems we face.

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Many Native Americans, not just my tribe struggle with everyday life because of poor living conditions and lack of money and good natural resources.” Sioux: “Hi, I am from the Sioux. My name is Elan and Isi is right. Many people are struggling with problems because of the choices the United States government made. The United States government has broken treaties and stole land that was given to us.” Cherokee: “We used to be self sufficient and leave peacefully as nomads following the buffalo and continuing our culture but as the United States has expanded we were pushed off our land.

I think I can speak for both Elan and myself when I say that we want land that the U.S. government stole from our ancestors.” *Information about how they were pushed off their land is from “Why Native Americans don’t want Reparations” written by Daniel R. Wildcat.* Sioux: “That happened with us too, but not nearly as bad.

Your tribe was treated awfully and many other tribes sometimes fear that will happen to them.” Cherokee: “Ya, has anybody here heard of the trail of tears.” *pause and wait for response* “Well i won’t go into detail because it’s extremely sad but it was basically where a bunch of cherokee were forced to make a long journey where many died.” *Trail of tears information is from Brain Pop* Sioux: “I could never imagine how bad that must have been.” Cherokee: “The problems we face everyday are just as bad, many problems with addiction, low paying jobs, and awful living conditions haunt many everyday.

If I had just one wish it would be our land. The land that our ancestors built their lives on, died on, and rest on. To us land is so much more than just a natural resource, it is something we have always cared for and treated with respect.” Sioux: “That is very true. Did you know that the average income of a Native American is about six times less than that of an average American.” Narrator: I know you touched on this earlier but what do you think the U.

S. government should do to try to help you guys? A lot of people will say you want money but it really isn’t about money is it? It is a large problem and maybe these kids should get a perspective on what you guyswant. Sioux: “Well, land means everything to my people as I’m sure it does for many other tribes across the country, and the land we were given has been destroyed and ridden of its natural resources.” Cherokee: “Yes I agree, money isn’t the problem. Many people believe if we get money we will be fine but our people were self sufficient before and we could be again but not without good land to live on.” Narrator: “So if you could get anything from the U.

S. it would be the land that was stolen correct?” Sioux: “Yes, if my tribe was given good land, full of natural resources like the land we used to have, we could begin the process of healing and be a good functioning society again.” *Information about money and natural resources is from “US Should Return Stolen Land to Indian Tribes” written by Chris McGreal.* Narrator: “Do you think you could give an example? Just to make it clearer for these people.” Cherokee: “Has anybody here ever had something they care for stolen? *pause* Does anybody miss the item that was stolen because that’s how we feel about our land. Some people think we should get money or other things that really wouldn’t do anything.

What my people, and I’m sure Isi’s people want as well, is our land. The land that we had before Americans were here. The land his and my ancestors lived and died on.” Sioux: “Elan is right, my people would want nothing more than the land we once had back. Cherokee: Maybe you guys can do something, you can do something as simple as writing an e-mail to your senator and telling him about the problem with Native Americans.” Narrator: “Well that will bring an end to our show.

Try to keep the Native Americans in mind and maybe try to do something about their condition, it’s not as hard as you may think and most people don’t know about the problems these people are facing and the conditions in which they live, and always remember, it can only do good.”