Nau case study

Therefore, from a “go green model” perspective, its approach to doing business can be considered sustainable .

Let can be seen by its action in several area. In the design area, Ana cooperated with suppliers to invent sustainable fabrics. As a result, 24 out of 32 fabrics are developed to be sustainable. Obviously, the direction of Ana deciding this action is to protect the environment. At the same time, Ana also requires its business partners such as suppliers and manufacturers ,use the way which fit Ana ‘s belief to run their equines and cooperate with Ana.

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Therefore, Nan’s business partners and Itself are bound by code of conduct .

Outline two practices/satellites that Ana engages In that shows their commitment to social responsibility and the environment. Two practices/ satellites that Ana engages In are that now uses the web, something called a “Web- front” where they combined the efficiency of the web with the Intimacy of a gallery like boutique. In the store the customers can try on clothes, but they use the self- service stand to purchase from the web. This way of selling can reduce the size of the stores compared to the other outdoor retail store so as to reduce the operating costs of the firm.

This saves operating expenses because less energy and fewer materials are used, thus making all these good for the planet as well as good for the business.

Ana has a unique financial approach it calls “aggressive altruism. ” What is altruism? How does Nan’s “aggressive altruism” link with the socially responsible? Altruism Involves the unselfish concern for other people. It involves doing things simply out of a desire to help, not because you feel obligated to out of duty, loyalty, or religious reasons.

Nan’s “aggressive altruism” brings money to aid in the betterment of others, even when they receive nothing tangible In return. As stated In the reading, the company pledged 5% of sales to charitable organizations dedicated to solving crucial environmental and humanitarian problems. All in all, not only does Ana generate profits, but it also acts in ways that are good for both society and nature.

A doted business executive once said, “A company’s first obligation is to be profitable. Unprofitable enterprises can’t afford to be socially responsible. ” Do you agree? Support your answer.

A business must first understand what is meant by the terms good and right; and only then can one proceed to profitably discuss the implications these have for our business world about being a profitable or non profitable company that is socially responsible. A business can be profitable and still be socially responsible as well as to not be profitable and be socially responsible as well. There are many small companies that are out there that are specifically for this reason, for not being profitable but for being there for the people and help them In whatever they need support.

Some companies give out loans to individuals in order for them to succeed In some way, sun as DDCD, winch gives out student loans Ana teeny don’t start charging back the loan to students, but until the student graduates and gets a Job, then the graduate now is working and can start paying the loan he/she received with mom interest of course, but this interest paid helps the company to be able to handout more loans to other individuals for their development.

The company is there like making the money go around and around but is helping out the society to develop in some way. The profit made goes toward society and makes the firm/ company still a good standing one. There the company can see that what they are doing is a good issue on helping out society and not a bad one, thus making them socially responsible and aware.