Nelson Mandela

nelson Mandela has had a VERY rough life when he was a child. his dad died when he was only 9 years old. he had to leave his mother and everything he knows and loves so he could go live with his uncle out of the village in mvezo. he said in an interview that the death of his father didn’t affect him as much as moving did because he didn’t quite understand the concept of death.

when he was 18 he was going to be forced into marriage so he ran away to Johannesburg where he attempted to train to be a lawyer for his people. though moving to johannesburg would be the worst decision of his life. he would be introduced to segregation laes and eventually prison. his adulthood was not that of a young man today but more of the life of a world leader or a peace keeping officer. he joined the ANC to fight the evil system of apartheid. the laws that made black south Africans in specific to move to certain areas and remain there.

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they even had to carry special passes to go any where. he was an outlaw for a long time. he was eventually caught and given 10,00 days on robben island for government sabotage and civil disobedience. when nelson first arrived at the prison, he was given a pair of khaki shorts, a short sleeve cotton T-shirt. requested that he get a long pair of pants instead of shorts and when he requested through the warden he was granted his pants.

he then realized that the other inmates didn’t get pants so he didn’t want them. the warden then told him, “Jesus Mandela, you asked me for the pants and now you don’t want them? you are the most backward person in here!”. Mandela then responded with, “if my other comrades are uncomfortable, then so am i.” if you ask me that was pretty noble of him. it was this nice behavior and mistreatment by the guards that caused outrage on the out side that would get him released.

on february 11 1990 Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was set free on early release from robben island South Africa thanks to state president, FW De Clerk. he served 10,000 days on the terrible (now happily abandoned) robben island south African Alcatraz. he was forced to work in the limestone quarry making gravel for the roads on the island. he would quite often not refuse to work but refuse to work as hard as they want. he figured “i shouldn’t work as hard as they want and i shouldn’t refuse to work at all. maybe just work not as hard.

” nelson Mandela had a very brilliant mind and could often get what he wanted just with words. how does he get what he wants with words you ask? well he is a naturally respectful man so his charming for getting what he wants comes naturally. he would ask the warden how his kids were doing and see how the wardens day was going. now, a lot of people think that asking about the wardens kids would get them put in the hole, but Mandela had a good rap sheet with the warden and the warden knew he meant no harm. Mandela used respect to get what he wants.

nelson Mandela was elected president of south Africa in 1993 by a FREE political vote. he was the president for two terms and when asked to do a third he responded with a simple “no thank you”. he would much rather enjoy the rest of his life in retirement where his life would be smooth sailing and slow waters from that point on. it is now 2012 and nelson Mandela is 93 years old still happily living in retirement with his “FOURTH” wife. he also tries not to remember the time on robben island, but still likes to reminisce in the memories of before even though they aren’t very clear. he still is an active part of the ANC but due to the loss of apartheid, the ANC simply stands by just in case.

he still remembers his childhood in mvezo, but still tries not to remember because he had it so rough. he still remembers the day his father passed away and tries not to remember. he now lives a normal life inn johannesburg south Africa. the town now sells all sorts of Mandela merchandise from Mandela plates to Mandela shaped chocolates! next time you think your life is weird or bad remember this..

. Mandela had it 100X’s worse.