Night Letter to Elie Wiesel

Dear Professor Wiesel: I am writing to you on behalf of reading it, as well as I had a few questions for you about the book.Overall, I liked the book Night.I thought that as I was reading your book Night that during the Holocaust there were difficult and hard times that you faced like when you and your family was separated and being taken away from your home unexpectedly.

It is hard living in poor conditions that make you forced and uncomfortable.What I liked most about the book was when you took it upon yourself and your father to try to keep everything under control while you were hoping that you were going to someday be freed. What I learned from reading your book Night was who you, Elie Wiesel, was.Before I read the book I had no idea who Elie Wiesel was until I began reading the book.It was incredible to know that you are a Holocaust survivor.Another thing I learned from reading Night was what it was like for you to live in the concentration camp with your father and not your mother.

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What made an impression on me was that Juliek was not allowed to play Beethoven.I am a huge fan of Beethoven and that made me upset when I heard that Juliek was not allowed to play Beethoven during this time period. I am still wondering after reading your book Night is what happened to all the people after they left the concentration camp.I felt like you left out what the other people did.You talked about what you did, but not so much what the other people did.Did they survive after they left?I will never know.

I also had questions that were not answered forthe book.How is it today living without your family?Is it is it the same as when you were living in the concentration camp or not?Another question I had for you was do people look up to you because you were a Jew and were sent to a concentration camp?My final question was why did you write Night 10 years after you got released from the concentration camp?Were you not allowed to write at the concentration camp? I hope you take the time and consideration into what I wrote and get back to me sometime soon.