NIPPY Project: Management Case Study

The running program for NIPPY should have the fixed trial run period. 2. The staff during the testing of NIPPY should have raise out the question or problem, the problem should be fixed before the actual execution. 3. The function of NIPPY should be user friendly and service provider should be Introduced several familiarization course for the user to take up.

4. The NIPPY should have the different languages for the user to understand and suit for different operation region In other countries. The NIPPY project should be interfaced with other business areas to slut the different need. 6. NP should propose to have the remedial method to alter the existing planning In order to suit the change programmer with the change of design and Implementation process. 7.

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During the design stage, NP should organize the group of representatives from different departments In order to have the meeting to give out any requirements and initiatives to match the operation of the NP business. 8.

NP should employ the Project Manager in order to monitor and co-ordinate with the production am and facilitate the different problems encountered during the manufacturing of NIPPY until final completion of product. 9. For the first preliminary stage for the IT department to test and carry out the functional capability analysis of NIPPY protocol and make some improvements and suggestion in order to make potential operational gains and make sure all the product to be operated smoothly. 10.

NIPPY project should be integrated the function of staff remote access from different persons and suit the communication with other departments. 1 1 . The co-ordination between IT apartment and sales division should be well under-control by the supervisory top management in order to prevent any struggle between two departments on the promotion. 12. The presentation of the payback return should be accurately calculated before the actual manufacturing of the product in order to prevent any unforeseeable low profit margin happened. 13.

The overall project had been integrated between different departments such as NP Sales Division, IT and Strategy Group and it should have to meet the profit margin within the financial year. 14. For the implementation for the project base, any person within the Strategy Group would be added such great suggestion in order to have the new creative and Innovative idea for the technologies of product NIPPY. 15. The roles and responsibilities of Project Manager should be empower to ensure all the project running stages should have great progress and need to be adjusted If necessary. 6.

The project team should be organized with other department In order to Improvement or counter proposal that related to other business. 17. The Project Manager should be cross check with IT department In order to have Important research for new technologies and systems to support for the product of NIPPY. 18. The project Manager should control the project Implemented stages In order to slut the tentative schedule working programmer and finalize the overall total periods before the actual commencement of product.