Nissan Case Study

This Is a case about the success story of the renewal of Niacin’s brand and revival of the company from the “near death situation”.

The background through which the company has reached this stature Is explained In brief as follows: The company was founded – Mass production of cars began First compact import car was produced for the American Market This was the period the company launched JAZZ and Distant 510 sedan. For this decade the cars that were launched used the brand name of Distant and received great performance in the market and accolades from the industry overall. 75-sass The brand name was shifted from Distant to Ionians and It continued to enhance Its reputation based on “Innovation In engineering”. By 1989, Ionians produced one million cars in North America and began worldwide branding under Ionians brand. This growth was supported by customers want for fuel efficient and reliable cars. It was during this growth period that Toyota and Honda that started placing their footing strong in the market and these two brands came to be recognized by customers more than Ionians. The company began to slip In Its focus on innovation and became blinded by sass’s what the competitors were doing.

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It kept running In a wild goose chase to catch up with competitors and lost its own identity. Ionians signed a global alliance agreement with Renault and Carols Shown 1999 with the alliance came as the visionary to bring about the famous turnover in the company. The changes Carols Shown brought about in the present problematic environment were: 1933 – 1937 1959 1960sEarly1970s Problems unclear profit orientation Changes brought forward by Shown He brought financial discipline and couples goals and targets with financial definitions and not Just In sales figures. He streamlined the operations to maximize efficiency of entire system.

Weak Brand Identity resulting He initiated a new brand strategy through Perry, Tackle and Nagasaki that was intended to take the required risks but from a hazy positioning bring forth clearly what the company stands for. He supported strong segmentation based on chirography’s (suggested by Nagasaki) instead of demographics that the rest of the players followed. Losing focus from Its core He communicated the goals, targets and the underlying competencies and too much focus philosophy of the company boldly and eloquently both on competitors becoming a “me- Internally and externally.

He restructured the organizational structure to implement the changes that were needed to revive too” brand the company. The contributions of Shown can be summarized in the following words. “He created sync between all functions right from operations to finance to marketing and made them all work on one philosophy and for one Image of the company.

He made them all speak one language” II. ISSUES 1 . Whether or not the brand management processes that had made the bold Ionians badge sight on American Highways could be sustained?

Or some other measures were now required? 2. Despite remarkable performance, share price was lackluster vomited by: Rites Deviant (812105), sail Karri (81 2107), Garn Saxons (FBI 2003) – BMW-B, Group 5 3. Shogun’s N 180 plateau was followed by Ionians Value Up – which targeted 4. 2 million units by 2007, maintenance of top-tier operating margins In the Ministry, a return on Investment In ten range AT enlarger – could ten same features that so far gave the Ionians brand experience submit to some cost cutting? 4.

Getting the right balance of managing cost and building demand, achieving aggressive sales targets and the level of differentiation that would maintain the customer relationship to the brand 5. Without Shown to lead these targets, carrying his legacy forward to even greater successes – leadership crisis? Ill. In our opinion, the problem in front of Ionians are still similar to earlier problems but the difference being that they now need to make the organization capable enough to keep doing it once has achieved better every day and with every attempt.

Improvements or Steps Implications of the steps Recommendations towards solving the issues 1. Leadership development – 1. It would be better to stick to 1.

Stock market being down in There is a strong need for a the team of the three cause spite of good performance leader to continue the the changes the company would means that the market doubts momentum the company has require multi- functional the future prospects of the gained. The top management specialties and perspectives. Company.

A strong leadership needs to choose Perry or Tackle Single person would again plays an important role in or Nagasaki. This could also make the implementation changing such perceptions.

The be done by them as a team. Lopsided like the case was team of these three must be 2. Change Management – The earlier. Publicized in the market and if company has so far managed to 2. Shown has given the possible a leader foot the next build a strong brand that organization and the market the level target must be announced. Differentiates itself on the basis confidence to trust in Ionians as 2.

The organization needs to of emotional connect to the a strong and dynamic company reach out the market for customers. The Annual Report that paves its own path and not understanding the changing 2003, states that automobile Just a follower. The needs that needs and bring about sync in represents “freedom, even are not met in the market would those needs and future product sire” This may result in all have to be identified from time development. Automobiles trying to develop to time and so the positioning 3. Invest in process innovations the same connect.