No Innovation with No Education

Although free education is not to be taken for granted, I see many changes that my school needs. I am usually not the one to complain, but my school needs more teachers.

Every year since I have been at my school the teacher’s population has been shrinking immensely. And less teachers means more overcrowded classes. Overcrowded classes don’t just come from less teachers but other schools that are shutting down and those students come to my school. These schools that shut down are schools that are failing, but this all arises from the lack of resources. My school also needs more resources such as computers, printers with ink that are available to the students and more.

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Every year there have been less teachers at my school. I have a French class with no teacher. This is not the first time that this has occurred, this has also happened in the 9th grade and now I’m in the 11th grade preparing to take a french test at the end of the school year with no knowledge of the language. Last year, when school started there were not enough desk to accommodate my French class. Students sat on top of cabinets, some were standing around the room.

How can one learn in this type of environment? No teachers means piling up all the students into one crowded classroom questioning when a teacher will come. My school has a problem with the lack of resources for the students. In the 9th grade, we had a writing center where we could go to do research and print out information and we had a school library. But last year the writing center was closed leaving us students with no place to do our school work when we turned to the writing center because all else failed. When my ink ran out at home I thought I could print it out at school, but there was no place in school that I could print it out, so I had to give the assignment in late, which earned me a lower grade.

The books in our school library are also outdated materials. They haven’t been updated since the school first opened. My school has a lack of resources and lack of teachers with many students. The solution to all of this is less budget cuts from the government from school funds and getting the country out of war and debt. The government needs to stop spending more money on the war than on education. Children are the future of this country, children will be the next foundation.

Other countries like China will soon be world powers not because of their involvement in war, but because of the innovation and growth taking place in that country. There can be no innovation with no education.