Nokia Temporal Environment Case Study

Investing in the next-generation disruptive cosmologies and Increasing their focus on speed, results and accountability. To help them achieve their mission, Knock has formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft that will see them regain lost ground in the Smartened market. Together, they intend to build a global ecosystem that surpasses anything currently in existence. The Monika-Microsoft ecosystem will deliver differentiated and innovative products with unrivalled scale in terms of product breadth, geographical reach and brand identity.

The company new strategy is supported by changes In Ionians leadership, operational structure and approach.

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The renewed governance will expedite decision- making and improve time-to-market of products and innovations, placing a heavy focus on results, speed and accountability. Stephen Elope, Monika President and CEO together with a workforce 60,000 people from over 11 5 different nationalities will be ready to build great mobile products, like never before, and at a speed that will surpass what they have accomplished in the past. (Knock, 2013) 3.

PEST PEST analysis is an analytical framework of grouping the different environmental actors comprising of Political, Economic, Social-culture and Technological factors which affects the organization. In this case study, we can understand that these external forces have significant impact on how the company, Monika operates and the strategic decision they make despite having no control over It. 2 3.

1 political Political factor generally refers to the government Intervention towards businesses which organizations have to comply example legislation, ideology, rules or regulations.

Monika being a global company must abide to the different rules and isolations of the host country which it’s operating in. One of the contributing factors which enable the company success in the past is Its ability to survey Its scope of limits In order to isolate prohibited actions, regulations and lad from the government so as to withstand the International trade. The government usually decides on quotas, embargoes, tariff and tax charges, subsidies and patents over certain technology or equipment therefore Monika have to work hand in hand with the relevant authorities to gain maximum advantage to the nation’s target market.

MBA knowledge base, 2012) 3.

2 Economic Economic factor refers to how the economy as a whole affects business In terms of Interest rates, Inflation, tax polices, government spending and general demand. In n an , Monika currently occupies a Tanta AT ten market on ten Helsinki stock exchange therefore making them vital to the economy. This organization is so crucial to the economy in Finland that in 2012, the government had to step in to help find Jobs for those who are sacked by Monika when they had Job cuts.

Being a global supplier of bile phones, Monika have to understand the different economic aspect of the nation’s economic status which included inflation rate, level of unemployment and exchange rates. When the income of people rises, they would have more disposable income, and this enable customers to be more selective when it comes to choosing mobile phones as they would be looking for more features other than Just being able to send text messages and making phone calls and price being another key factor as well.

(MBA knowledge base, 2012) 4 3. Social-culture A change in social trend can affect the demand of goods or services and its availability and keenness of individuals to work and this are demographic and cultural considerations which include but not limited to fashion, lifestyle, education, values, religion, etc. Due to the change of consumer preference with regards to mobile phones over the years, many people today would want to have the latest and up-to-date phone. Gone are the days where mobile phones are used solely for communication, instead, it has become a key fashion icon.

Consumers today are cooking for new innovative and best looking phone as they would be Judge by how fashionable they are by their choice of phone. With this being said, Monika who is lagging behind in terms of market share will have to start develop new products to compete with their rivals in order to keep up with the ever changing trends of consumers.

3. 4 Technological Technological factors refer to the advancement in technology, research and development and new innovations which impact a business.

These factors are important to organization as such technological advances can minimize cost, increase laity and productivity and lead to innovation of new and better products. When it comes to the phone industry, Monika use to be the leading company in terms of innovation and new products, however, companies such as Apple and Samsung soon caught up and now hold majority of the market shares. One reason is due to the huge investment in research and development by the 2 powerhouse therefore Monika have to take this into consideration if it want to get back into the market by developing new or better ideas to rival its competitors. . Conclusion In conclusion, I would say that the temporal environment does have significant impact on organization and that they will have to look at all these factors in order for their business to succeed 5 5. Multiple cause diagram Multiple cause diagrams are use to explore events and states; why something has happen or why is a situation is as it is. It can also help to untangle the web of interconnected causes that combine events or to perpetuate a situation.

Identifying ten possible points AT Intervention can prevent something Trot occurring or to change the situation.

An example of a multiple cross diagram is shown below where it analyze the causes of low customer satisfaction in Struck. From the organization point of view, the multiple cause diagram can actually be useful in understanding which are the significant causes of low customer satisfaction which in this case would be incompetent staffs as it would affect both long queues and bad services as well. The organization would then be able to make the necessary changes in these areas, example giving better training in order to improve the overall customer satisfaction.