Company: Ipswitch Inc.Customer: NorgeSubmitted by: MCC InternationalDate: January 2000(NORWAY) As a leading provider of Internet and DTP/Graphic design services in the Norwegian market place, WWW Norge A/S’s success rests with the skill of its staff in getting the most out of the latest hardware and software.

As well as the company’s commercial studio business – specialising in developing 3D graphics, on-line and print advertisements and web pages, WWW Norge also specialises in providing ‘heavy duty’ Internet solutions for Governmental and private companies, and it is this area of business which has benefited most from the adoption of Ipswitch Inc.’s IMail Server 5.0 software.”Before we implemented IMail we were using a custom built e-mail server,” explained Daniel Döderlein, CEO of WWW Norge. “However, we soon realised that it would not be able to handle the amount of traffic we were predicting so an alternative had to be sourced.

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Ipswitch’s IMail Server was found to be the most comprehensive package available.”The decision to upgrade was taken after WWW Norge wanted to standardise the operating system and e-mail software across the company. The NT platform combined with IMail Server was found to be the best option, for a number of reasons.”We believe in the future of the Internet and ‘new media’ but we also need to have faith in the systems that support our business. Not only is the IMail software excellent, but the available information, technical support and after sales service is also very impressive,” said Döderlein.

IMail’s primary task within WWW Norge is to power a free web-based e-mail system for 12-25 year olds called (superhero). Users are provided with a free e-mail account (similar to Hotmail) and also the latest news, competitions, cool web links etc. relevant to the target age group. There are currently 3,500 registered users (which demonstrates IMail’s impressive scalability) with 100 new users signing up every day.

IMail allows WWW Norge to provide users with their own mailing list, address book and mail folders – just like a standard desktop-based e-mail client and, according to Döderlein, it is this kind of power and flexibility that has helped become such a success.” is a very successful project, generating the majority of its revenue from the sale of advertising. However we wouldn’t have the subscribers let alone the advertisers if we didn’t offer a great product and IMail helps us achieve this.

“IMail handles anywhere between 500 to 1500 MB of mail traffic a day at WWW Norge. The company is so impressed with IMail’s performance that it uses the software to handle its own office email. “Web based e-mail isn’t just for casual users and children,” explained Döderlein. “When myself and my colleagues travel to our customers we have access to our mail, our folders and our contacts no matter where we are in the world. Also we can be confident that both and our own e-mail server will be available as IMail has also proved itself to be a very robust and reliable piece of software.”IMail also comes with a number of ‘special’ features – email-to-fax, email-to-pager and web messaging – and WWW Norge has taken an innovative approach in their implementation by modifying the fax and pager options to enable SMS notification (to mobile phones and other portable devices) of incoming mail, explained Döderlein.”The fax option was not that relevant to our business needs as we conduct the majority of our business by email to email. However the ability to modify the software to send SMS messages is a major benefit. We haven’t yet offered this service to our customers because of the cost of SMS notification in the GSM network worldwide, but we use it in the office and it works well.”Overall IMail is a great piece of software.

We have the knowledge and the security of knowing that we are offering our customers the very best Web-based email service, running on a secure and stable system that is scalable and flexible enough to meet our current and future needs.”