Norstrom Case Study

This can be achieved by simply smiling when talking with a customer in the store, or adjusting your tone of voice over the telephone while engaged in a conversation. A friendly greeting when customers approach a representative really makes the customer feel appreciated, and also giving that customer your undivided attention when they are dealing with a concern that they may have within the store.

Overall common courtesy goes along ways In relation to excellent customer service. Nordstrom already has a “no questions ask” return policy which generally makes a customer happy as long as they can provide proof of purchase.

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They also send out hank-you cards to customers that shop there and also have delivered special orders to customers homes via hand delivery. There is also a Personal Book that allows sales representatives to enter and recollect the customer’s specific preference to enhance their personal shopping experience.

Nordstrom also uses several channels for shopping, which gives the customer an opportunity to get whatever they need online and the ability to return to the store within an hour for pickup. Nordstrom incentive program is based on four different levels according to the customer’s annual spending.

The customers that spend at least ten thousand dollars a year will receive free alterations, free shipping, a twenty-four hour urgent telephone line, and a right of entry too personal caretaker service. Customers at the stores highest level of spending twenty thousand dollars a year receives a private shopping trip complete with overstocked dressing rooms with clothing in their size, along with champagne, serenading music being played on the piano; they also receive tickets to the stores’ fashion shows; and the right to participate in exclusive travel and fashion packages including red carpet events.

This approach to great customer service has been very successful. In terms of brand loyalty they should enhance their hard work in creating relationships with their customers.

Nordstrom should consider taking a closer look at their product line to see what can be done to add variety to their products to make them different from other organizations. They should also come up with Ideas to set them apart, review past experiences, and the different services that are rendered. Customers value excellent customer service and as long as the customer Is satisfied he customers will continue to be motivated to support the organization.

Nordstrom could also work on developing a more up close and personal relationship with their customers; Touch more on tenet needs as opposed to tenet wants; recognizing ten limits of competitors; and overall Just basically doing things the right way. Kettle, P. , & Keller, K.

L. (2012). Marketing Management (14th De. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall What are Nordstrom greatest risks, and who are its biggest competitors? Nordstrom is one of the world’s leading retail stores that comprises a variety of brand Ames in clothing and attire.

It originates from the selling of high-quality shoes, cosmetics, accessories, and clothing.

The company is surrounded by countless risk factors such as the economy, the possibility of being over powered by competitive influences, and preference changes by the consumer. Due to tactical and costly planning for their customers Nordstrom has acquired excellent benefits within the company. They have managed over the past one hundred years as an extravagant brand carrying store with quality, trust, service, and even when faced with challenges heir customers remain loyal.

Due to the fact that Nordstrom is known for selling high-quality, well designed, and manufactured products from other companies, it relies heavily on these merchants. Because of this they share the risk of the merchants changing their fashion and lifestyles. It is very difficult to predict fashion when there are such diverse segments.

However, it is also important for Nordstrom to maintain a diversified supply network and be watchful of organizations like NONFAT and WTFO, to predict potential supply problems caused by restrictions or other trade barricades.

The wide variety in Nordstrom product line and the selling of these products sometimes creates a challenge. New competition and new products create a challenge for Nordstrom due to the fact that they may use simpler focal points and smaller sectors. Even with the new competitors and their products Nordstrom has always prepared themselves in terms of enhancing customer service, they should also express the fact that they propose a certain value in selling their products or goods. This will transpose the company in a way that it will have truly dedicated customers at heart.

Although Nordstrom competitors are largely in the clothing store business, they also compete in music, books and entertainment, and video segments as well.

Nordstrom competes with other luxury retailers like Bloomington, Lord & Taylor, Newman Marcus, and Asks Fifth Avenue. Out of all of the competitors mentioned Nordstrom has both the largest number of store locations and geographic marks. Service with a smile is part of Nordstrom corporate culture and it is because of that service and loyalty to their customers that they have had the overall success as a company.