Nuclear Power Plants

Sierra Armstrong Vassar High School 5th , English 10 March 21, 2013 Nuclear Power Plants Begin your introduction here… (Don’t forget to underline your thesis statement). Be sure to use the TAB key to start each paragraph and to follow all MLA formats. Background of the Problem People need power, and nuclear power provides it. Nuclear power is another way to produce energy, but it is also a very dangerous way to produce energy.

Edward Teller stated, “Nuclear power-producing units will be dangerous instruments and careful thought will have to be given to their safe construction and operation” (qtd in Kanninen Ed 17).

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Another scientist Dr. Helen Caldicott stated, “The nuclear industry is a cancer industry” (qtd in Povey 80). This means that it isn’t a safe way to produce energy and can cause cancer. The radiation is very dangerous. The radiation is a big fault or issue with nuclear energy.

“Atomic energy cannot be produced without also producing a radioactive by-product” (Kanninen 16).

Nuclear power is not safe to those who live or associate around it. “Critics of nuclear power worry about the safety of nuclear plants, the potential damage from radiation exposure, the possibility of sabotage and unauthorized use of the by-product plutonium—the substance used to make nuclear bombs” (“Nuclear Power”). There have been a couple incidents concerning nuclear power plants, such as Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island. “The Chernobyl explosion was devastating to the nuclear power industry throughout the world” (“Nuclear Power”).

The primarily cause was human error: technicians conducted an unauthorized experiment on the reactor without understanding how the reactor would behave during the experiment” (“Nuclear Energy”). The Extent of the Problem The problem at hand is that nuclear power plants Works Cited Type your bibliography on the last page…Be sure to ALPHABETIZE your sources and to indent after the first line of text for each entry. Povey, Karen. Energy Alternatives. Farmington Hills, MI: The Thomas Corporation, 2007.

Print. “Nuclear Energy. ” Compton’s by Britannica. 01 Aug 2011: SIRS Discoverer. Web.

25 Feb. 2013 .