Obesity In Teens…

Dear, America In the United States today, obesity has become an enormous problem. In the last three decades, the number of people overweight has increased dramatically.One third of our adult population has become overweight,America is the richest but also the fattest nation in the world, and our obese teens are a jokes in every other country.

Americans suddenly started going crazy over dieting, jumping onto a treadmills, going to the gym,and buying prepackaged non fat foods. However, while all of that was going on, the number of obese Americans began to increase. According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a sum of fifty-eight million people in our country weigh over twenty percent of their body weight.The eating habits of society have steadily become more harmful and have started to produce gluten children,over adults, and a food industry set to much on satisfying our cravings on sweets and the tastes of fried foods. Obesity can begin at a very young age.Numerous children in our society are overweight,setting themselves up for serious health problems later in life.

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Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or even high cholesterol, and heart problems are just some of the risks. Children who are overweight also tend to feel less secure,un happy, and be stressed more than normal weight , mean lack of confidence and performance.They get teased, criticized, and judged,the problem is not the child’s fault. Being overweight may run in that the family, or their parents do not encourage them to be active and get enough exercise in or outside of school. Many children spend too much time indoors watching the TV, playing video games, or spending time on the computer, and consuming high fatty snacks, sodas and candy at the same time.

I think people see this as a issues because,as a parent I wouldn’t want My child to feel insecure about his or hers weight.Not along with them being heavier, itwill suddenly turn into a bullying issue in or outside of school.It effects the performance task of sports and self confidence, leading the teens into depression.As the child gets depressed it will cause them to eat more junk food to hide the pain.Even, being bored can cause a teen to eat because the not active in the daily lives.

What can we do to solve this issue in America?We should take out high in calories food and replace them with lean healthier one with the same taste as the high calories.Mainly and especially in schools Michelle Obama has done a great job of that, she removed the high fruit corn syrup drinks,and greasier food with baked or air oven foods.If we want to fix the issue it has to start at home first,motivate your teen to be active and get involved in circulator activities at school.Dont feed your children what’s convenient for you at the time.Serve you kids with care because you want them to be here for a long time!!!!!!!!! PS: I just want to thank you! for your interest of reading