Ode to Lincoln

America has had many great men and women that have worked to better the country and have set in motion and number of changes that have impacted the nation even to present day.The greatest American in history, however, was Abraham Lincoln because of his many contributions to the American people and his outstanding achievements as President and leader in the bloodiest war in America.Not only did he represent the American people with pride during a terrible time of conflict, but he kept the nation from falling apart in the midst of civil war, he changed America for the better, and he ultimately gave his life for what he believed in.While others might look to war heroes or scientists, Abraham Lincoln was truly the greatest because of his unshakable will, ability to adapt, and his actions which set the ball rolling towards a land without slavery. Abraham Lincoln came into presidency during a time of turmoil and conflict.He had the job of keeping the North and South from dividing into two nations while also trying to prevent, and end, a war.He sought out compromises, strove to view things from different angles, and worked to help all involved, but when war broke out, he was unshakable in taking a side.He was willing to explore new technologies and new minds to help him with his impossible task and was open to try new things, an adaptability which ultimately led to huge success and ultimate peace.His contributions not only kept the nation together in the end, but also changed America forever. Before the civil war, slavery was common and people were resistant to the new ideas of science and technology that were rising, or were simply uninterested and unwilling to help them.During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln sent technologies like telegrams and trains skyrocketing by both trusting and funding them as no one else would.His use of them in the war also helped their advancement later with their successful demonstrations that were all to do with his willingness to adapt and try new approaches.He was also strong willed in choosing a side, and his actions and victories in the civil war set in action the end of slavery and the beginning of acceptance throughout the nation. He stuck with his arguments even to the end of the war, not changing his opinions and ideas to appease the opposition no matter how dire the problem with reuniting the nation seemed.As the war came to an end, thanks to his unshakable leadership, he imposed freedoms to Southern black Americans and forced the southern fighters to begin to end slavery.His actions made him admired in the North, even as some of the South began to respect him, even if others resented him.Ultimately, he was killed for what he believed and his refusal to bend to the pressure of the South.The tragedy of his death was not in vain though, because it caused the nation to draw closer again, fulfilling his goal of healing the nation even after his was no longer there. While some might argue that war heroes like George Washington or scientists and diplomats like Benjamin Franklin were the greatest Americans in history, the real greats were strong leaders that caused changes that resounded through centuries and lead America into new ideas and new ages that had not been explored before.Abraham Lincoln held a nation together through one of its darkest times in history, set in motion a change that would shift the very minds of the people, and had a will of iron that was matched in prowess only by his incredible adaptability.He strove to heal the wounds of a nation at war and even continued to do this with his death.Abraham Lincoln was a hero, a leader, and a man unmatched in history, and truly the greatest American ever to live.